Linkmusic deals with promoting concert halls for any event

Linkmusic deals with promoting concert halls for any event

linkmusic is a social interaction network born with the aim of creating more and better opportunities for live music, in an easy, direct and profitable way. To achieve this, help musicians, venues and fans to connect with each other.

One of the services offered by this information platform is the promotion of concert halls to give them more visibility. In this way, they help reach more people to plan a greater number of events and expand the room’s programming.

A perfect place to promote concert venues

After a long period of hiatus due to the health crisis caused by covid, the concert halls have reopened their doors. These are spaces that offer music groups and soloists the chance to perform their music live.

The specialized music platform, Linkmusic, has a section to promote these venues. With your help, the place will have greater diffusion and visibility, since they get in touch with more than 4,000 musicians and bands, agencies of booking Y managementpromoters and public attending the concerts.

With this, the room is a candidate for events initiated by musicians or promoters. In addition to offering greater ease to attract more public and a varied and more frequent programming.

Linkmusic service

Linkmusic offers venue owners a comprehensive management service. First of all, they create a complete professional profile within their platform, which they associate with the client’s email so that they can manage it. In this, they include all the information of the room, such as its location, photos, videos, agenda, publications, etc.

The service they offer also includes the updating and dynamization of the room’s profile on the platform, in addition to the supervision of profiles in generalist RRSS.

The news and concerts on the agenda of the venues are published and shared on the Linkmusic platform. But, in addition to this, the events are shared on different collaborating websites, to give them greater dissemination and visibility.

In addition, all users who access the website can see all the content, without having to be registered.

Linkmusic users receive the communication in their profile, either by e-mail or by notification push in appsfiltered by area of ​​influence, musical genres, musicians, fans of bands or venues.

Linkmusic has created a comprehensive service that covers all the aspects that concert halls may entail. All this, with the aim of increasing their visibility.

Linkmusic deals with promoting concert halls for any event

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Linkmusic deals with promoting concert halls for any event