Liam Gallagher defies the sun and wins, and Red Hot Chili Peppers sound soft on the final day of Mad Cool

Third and last day of Mad Cool 2023, in its new space in Villaverde, which aims to be the new City of Music, and which in its debut as a venue ended its baptism with some disconcerting Red Hot Chilli Peppersthe stellar group of the entire macro event, supported by Liam Gallagher, MIA and Prodigy.

Before we saw Cupido, the super band led by Pimp Flaco together with Solo Astra, and that at seven in the evening gathered a good audience with their Alizzz-type electronic indie and songs by love, heartbreak and other obsessive topics of youth. Charisma, lightness and ancestry among the dancing girls who spent a very good and sensual time between storie and storie.

Hands crossed behind the back, leaning forward sticking out the buttocks and ‘(Whats the Story) Morning Glory?’. This is Liam Gallagher, the crazy, arrogant, reckless ex-singer from Oasis. that he is also pure rock and roll. A thousand degrees Celsius and the guy in his hoodie. Contrary to the most basic intelligence, rebellion is one of the foundations of rock and feeling handsome, well, too. ‘Rock N’ Roll Star’ arrives, which doesn’t come close to this little dissertation.

Forbidden to smile, because it’s very naughty, but it has the public in its pocket hymn after hymn by Oasis, even playing some for the very coffee-loving (‘Roll It Over’), the reality is that it is one of the great concerts of all Mad Cool. Songs, attitude, chorus of three women and a good band wearing a jacket (orders from the boss?) and thus defying the sun and winning. He even made a face of disgust at the celestial star. And he doesn’t sweat, he’s a superior race, always with the maracas in his hand, the Oasis Maracas. He Pulled Up His Hood! And he made a little hesitation greeting only the Manchester City fans in the audience. ‘Wonderwall’ arrived, mobiles high, and even the sun hid at that moment. He had definitely won. And she closed with ‘Champagne Supernova’.

Then it was MIA’s turn, with its Arabic hyperpop giving a touch of modernity to replace the also very modern Janelle Monae, the British woman did a concert with very colorful and avant-garde projections, basically like her in her artistic proposal. The bases sounded a bit loose and he stirred up the staff, in the end, with a last consignment of his best-known songs, especially with ‘Paper Planes’, the singer disguised with pasted bills and throwing herself into the public several times… she ended up without ‘ money’ on his suit. A strange show not very oiled but charming.

And, finally, the colossi of the Mad Cool 2023 poster. The long-awaited Red Hot, who started with a long and loud improvisation, antisytheme, great even, to then shoot his classic ‘Around the World’, with the angelic voices of Frusciante sounding beautiful and clear over the sung by Anthony Kiedis with a good mustache. But then the tedium happened, vanished by a soft sound no matter how much Flea jumps absurdly and animates the roost like almost no one else. Another detail of his ‘regular’ show, the breaks between songs, a not very dynamic ‘performance’, and a choice of songs prioritizing the experimental interpretation among very long solos by Frusciante that chanban but that was not the problem, the problem is that where they are the hits, what Cristóbal Soria would say, because the public between the weak sound and fatigue did not even move.

Luckily ‘Californication’ arrived, moving on the air and momentary joy, sounding good this time, and with deconstruction in the solo by Frusciante, the inventor of beauty in the American band, with those high-pitched dots that are the trademark of the Chilipepperian house along with funk and Kiedis’s strident rapping, usually ending in a chorus in a formula of contrasts that has given them such good revenues. But today they sounded soft, and I stayed, incidentally, without seeing a Mongolian metal group called The Hu, in the next tent, whom I barely tasted but they were like some Rammstein from Ulaanbaatar.

At the same time we came running to the closing of Ava Max, dominating the tables with euphoria along with the dancers, with her dance pop she put on the party that she crowned with ‘The Motto’ and the audience, wide, giving everything on the dance floor. Just like Red Hot… which were rather Red Cold Chili Peppers, cold, although they ended with a last barrage of hits that raised the cause. This is ‘By the Way’ and ‘Give it away’, which is not something. But something was missing.

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Liam Gallagher defies the sun and wins, and Red Hot Chili Peppers sound soft on the final day of Mad Cool