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It took 4 years for us to finally know a good part of the details of the new studio album by pitbull. The twelfth recording project of his almost 20-year career is just around the corner and to present it, the artist and producer is confirming a good part of the details of his new songs.

To date, he had already presented Shake Señora and Celebrate, songs that a priori will form part of his next LP, but this June it was the turn of Let’s take a shot. With that name, we have no doubt that it is a song aimed at becoming the queen of summer.

And to give it all the importance and relevance it deserves, Mr. Worldwide has confirmed that a good part of all these songs will appear in the next installments of the Samba de Amigo franchise, both in the title Samba de Amigo Party Central for Nintendo Switch and Sama of Friend for Metaquest.

The game is scheduled to be released at the end of August, so it would not be unreasonable to think that Pitbull’s new album would arrive shortly after. For now, what we do know and it is confirmed is that his new musical project will be called Trackhouse!

Nor is it confirmed that the songs that the artist was publishing years ago as Coffee with milk or Mamasota will see the light in this new studio album. We will have to continue waiting for news of this summer in which we will enjoy his music again after Libertad 548 (2019).

Dates that seem to fit with another of his ambitious projects for this 2023: his joint tour with Enrique Iglesias and Ricky Martin. The Trilogy Tour will start on October 14 and will be performing throughout the US until mid-December. It should not be ruled out that in addition to their collaborations together, each of these artists will present their new songs, as in the case of Pitbull .

Enrique Iglesias, Ricky Martin and Pitbull They are three great international stars. All of them have been the protagonists of many of the greatest hits in Latin music in recent years… Dale!

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‘Let’s take a shot’, Pitbull’s new song for his album ‘Trackhouse!’ | Music | LOS40