Let’s go: What’s up with Rosalía and why do they criticize her for her new song?

We are just starting 2021 and a lot of interesting things have already happened within the music industry. From song premieres and album announcements to one or another little tidbit that has left us square-eyed; and it is precisely the latter that we want to talk about because recently a huge controversy arose around the new song by Rosalía, so much so that it made a lot of people angry on social networks.

Since the release of The Bad Want In 2018, many have not lost track of this Spanish singer, who actually turned out to be quite an interesting album. However, after the tour promoting this album and his various collaborations with artists like Billie Eilish, The Weeknd, Travis Scott, Arca and even Harry Styles, He had only released one or another song that left more questions than answers about the future of his career.

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The new preview of Rosalía’s next song surprised many

It turns out that on January 16 and through her social networks, Rosalía shared a fragment of one of the songs from her third record material, Motomami. The Catalan artist said that the song was called “Hentai” and far from calling attention to the title –which is nothing to write home about–, everyone was surprised by the lyrics of this song, because it has one or another phrase that simply no one could believe… but let’s go in parts.

In the short clip that the Spanish singer showed on her TikTok account, we can hear her singing over a piano ballad (which, musically speaking, could be Adele’s next single) the following phrases: I love you ride, like my bike. Make me a tape, Spike mode. I beat it, until it was mounted. Second is fuck you, the first is God“. And yes, as expected, it left many with a square eye.

The lyrics of the song created controversy in networks

As expected –and in the case of Rosalía–, the video in which this preview of “Hentai” can be heard caught the attention of the internet of things. Especially because of the lyrics, with a lot of people commenting that at first what he was singing didn’t make any sense and they expected it to be a joke. But there were also those who said that He only put these phrases together with a certain sexual connotation to provoke without really wanting to say something.

Given all the controversy, the artist herself wrote the following on her Twitter account: “People who are bothering you the lyrics of Hentai are you okay??”. And it is that on the other hand and because they could not miss, those who defended it appeared mentioning that there are a lot of trap singers with more bawdy lyrics and like most of them they are men, no one points them out, much less complains about what they sing in their songs.

The memes could not be missing in this case

It doesn’t matter if they’re apples or pears, The thing is that Rosalía’s name quickly went viral on Twitter, where he had support and a lot of detractors. However, because they are in the best events and of course they couldn’t miss it, the memozos and reactions to their new song appeared that made us forget about the strange lyrics that he composed to laugh for a good while. And if you don’t believe us, here are the best:

What's up with Rosalía and why do they criticize her for the lyrics of her new song?

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Let’s go: What’s up with Rosalía and why do they criticize her for her new song?