Leiva postpones several concerts for health reasons

Leiva has been forced to cancel the concert that was scheduled for April 30l at the Coliseum in A Coruña for throat problems that they do not let him be 100% for the concert, so he has relocated within the tour for October 29.

The same has happened with the three that he had planned in Mexico for 7, 12 and 14, which only have a new date for CDMX at the Metropólitan Theater on October 20. The other two dates will still have to wait to find out when they can go sing with the artist.

The Spanish recital, which was the first on tourhad all the tickets sold for months, since the artist has become one of the main figures of Spanish pop-rock at this time, with great convening power in our country.

Leiva He has communicated all this through his social networks, “The reason is a problem in one of my vocal cords. Nothing new, I have lived with it for years and it has always allowed me to carry out my commitments. Battling with hoarseness and some shit like that, but being able to”.

Until now, where the artist can no longer and have to make a breakI had surgery a few months ago and I have spent all this time working hard on rehabilitation for the singing voice”.

Although they are late concert tickets are still valid for anyone who wants to meet the artist. Otherwise, can be returned with reimbursement via email between May 2 and 16, 2022.

with your disk, when you bite your lip has returned to the top of the sales charts, which is why these concerts were so eagerly awaited excitement among his fans. Despite everything that has happened, and after the break he will take to recover, the singer returns to the roads to finish his tourwhich has only just begun and which promises a summer full of events.

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Leiva postpones several concerts for health reasons