Laura Zapata on her grandmother: “there is no money that pays for time, wear, and care”

Doña Eva Mange, grandmother of Thalía and Laura Zapata, continues to fight to regain her health; Well, after the anomalies that she presented when she returned to the house of the well-known soap opera villain, she is now struggling with other injuries.

“He has fractured both legs, the two tibiae, the two fibulae, a little foot, a fissure in one knee […] and well, I have to work, while doing my MasterChef programs, I suddenly see the news. The first couple (of nurses) didn’t say anything to me, until they made changes they told me ‘ma’am, look at your grandmother!’ and I said ‘what?’, the foot all purple, swollen ”.

Laura Zapata with grandmother Eva Mange / Mexico Agency

The actress stated in an interview for the program Windowing that he has had to constantly change nurses for this reason, for which he reproached health professionals for their actions.

“I make a call to the nurses, how is it possible that they do this career without really having a heart, conscience, ethics! … They only go for the wool! It’s tremendous! I hope that these nurses that I have now really they work ”.

Upon hearing that the drivers of the program pointed out to him how complicated it must be to have a responsibility of this type alone, Laura appreciated the monetary support of her famous sister, but noted:

“Well yes, nothing else in me, Thalía from afar has been generous, there is an economic issue for our grandmother, I also have to pay all the expenses, all the food, all the electricity, everything that has gone to heaven., because she is also going through a difficult economic time, so she pays for some things, she is present, but there is no money that pays for the time, the wear and tear, the carelessness, always being at hand, the only one who participates is Thalía economically, not with everything, because then they say that she maintains it, not with everything, but it has been generous with our grandmother “.

Laura Zapata with grandmother Eva Mange and Thal & # xed; a / Cortes & # xed; a

Laura Zapata with grandmother Eva Mange and Thalía / Courtesy


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