LAMC Latin Music: the second day with leading women in the industry

The panel was attended by Angie Romero from Amazon Music LAT!N, Iveliesse Malave from The Latin Recording Academy , Marissa Lopez from Apple Music , Yvette Medina from Creative Management Firm and the artists goyo from ChocQuibTown Y Antillean Villain .

The participants talked about the breakthrough moments they had in their professional careers, people who have helped them grow in the industry, advice for other women in the industry, a song about women they like the most and the “superpower” they each has.

Iveliesse Malavé from The Latin Recording Academy highlighted what was the crucial point in deciding for the entertainment industry: ‘The moment I had the opportunity to work on entertainment accounts, I realized that this is what I liked to do . Just at that moment Becky G appeared and I wanted to work with those artists and tell those kinds of stories. My job allows me to teach great Latin American talents’.

Regarding the influential figures in her career, she highlighted that: ´in my career many men have taught me and helped me, without seeing any limitation for being a woman.’ When highlighting a “superpower”, she pointed out that: ‘women have the power of intuition, that’s why I always tell women in the industry to follow their intuition’.

ChocQuibTown’s Goyo highlighted that she had the opportunity to meet incredible women who helped her grow in the industry, including Marissa Lopez, one of the event’s panelists.

‘I had many people who helped me on my way, as an artist it is very important to always have a helping hand for the most complicated moments. Without a doubt my mom earns a special place, I call her my manager. She is with me all the time and helps me with my daughter’.

When choosing a superpower, Villano Antillano mentioned: ‘I feel like I recently realized that most people are much more afraid than me. That led me to understand that everyone is afraid, and I can take advantage of that to be able to do other things.’

Then it was the turn of the panel Elevating Women in Music through EQUAL and the essential tools for artists to shine, Mirella Schnaidmann, Jenny Alonso Y Xacaranda Leon from spotify, They talked about how they seek equality for women in the music industry and audio tools for artists.

In the panel it was possible to see the 3 types of playlists that exist in Spotify, which are playlist, editorial, personalized and algorithms. ‘There are thousands of playlists on Spotify and every editorial decision is made for our listeners first. But beyond that, we have a responsibility to give voice to communities that are underrepresented. For Spotify, women are always at the top of mind’, Alonso mentioned.

LAMC Talks with Elias De Leon

One of the main dishes of the day came with LAMC Talks who had Leila Cobo Interviewing Elijah of Leonthe leader of White Lion Records has been in the scene since the 90s, his label worked on albums by Daddy Yankee, Calle 13 Y Tego Calderonamong others.

At the panel, he recalled the origins of White Lion Records: ‘It was in 1994 when I released a record of various artists called White Lions All Stars and White Lions Records emerged from there.’ Regarding the moment in which White Lions became a renowned label, León highlighted that it was with Tego Calderón.

De León met DJ Playero and with him his interests in the music industry increased. One day Playero told him to go to Puerto Rico to listen to something he was doing, and from there he was introduced to reggaeton. ‘That’s where I supposedly entered for the first time as an executive to help him.’

Regarding what he looks for in an artist, he mentioned that: ‘You are not always going to find artists who offer a different proposal. If you ask me, apart from talent I want him to be a good person, to contribute something good to society. This leads me to be stricter with whom I am going to work. I am very happy to work with artists who enjoy making songs, people forget that this is art’.

Near the end of the day, a new panel on Mental Health for the Creative Community was presented by The Latin Recording Academy and counted with the participation of top-level artists such as Fito Paez, Pepe Aguilar, Ximena Sariñana Y Rozalen. In addition to an intimate talk presented by NPR alt. Latino with Felix Contreras together with the artist George Drexler.

The second day closed with presentations of different artists of the Indie genre presented by Cinnamon Music with performances of Pachyman, La Dame Blanche, Del Mismo Racimo, maye, Nanpa Básico, Baiuca, Camilo Séptimo, Mabiland Y Silvina Moreno.

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LAMC Latin Music: the second day with leading women in the industry