Lali Espósito confirmed that her song N5 is dedicated to the Spanish singer Lola Indigo

As you continue with your Tour Disciplinethe new national tour that this Saturday made a successful stopover in Mendoza, before a packed Stadium Arena Maipú, Lali Esposito It was news for more personal reasons.

After that video that went viral of the popular Bresh party in Madrid where she was seen kissing with another womanfans of the pop star began to speculate that it was about lola indigoSpanish singer friend of Lali.

At the time, the networks exploded with the news. Even more so when last June 22 Lali launched N5the new single of this stage Discipline who speaks of a hot bond with another woman.

In addition to what Lali says in N5the video -in which the actors Verónica Llinás and Leonardo Sbaraglia participated and already has more than 3.2 million reproductions-, shows Lali “taking a look” at a woman, with whom he later dances, escapes and kisses.

the letter of N5 is quite literal: “One night in love later we didn’t see it again, we already gave it the cover, time to feed me”. Last night in Mendoza, when she was interviewed by Channel 9 Televida de Mendoza, the former Teen Angel He didn’t dodge the subject.

N5 Is it dedicated to her or not?” they asked. “In a certain way, yes,” Lali said, without hesitation. “It’s a long story, so in a certain way, yes, but yes,” he confirmed. The video of the note was uploaded by the Real Time Rating account.

Then he pointedly referred to his new topic. “She makes me laugh and amuses me. When I was in the studio working with my producer and with whom I write, all the anecdotes, experiences, the irony, one ends up putting all that in the songs and they give body and life to the lyricsit has to do a little with that”, reflected Lali.

The party that generated the rumor

Many celebrities participated in the Bresh party held in Madrid in mid-March. And as usual, many shared their experience on social networks. It was a TikTok user who discovered Lali, in the background, with another woman who seemed to be Lola Indigo. Both have a good relationship and were shown together on social networks the night of the party.

The photos were originally shared by youtuber Merakio. Over there, he could be seen with El Demente and Rusherkingwhile the scene that had the actress from sky red as protagonist.

That story went viral on TikTok and on Twitter they began to speculate about a relationship between the two. At that time, the actress and singer had appeared in Madrid to promote her two new songs: Discipline Y Diva.

On vacation in Europe

A few days ago, Lali took advantage of a break from her tour Discipline and that the recordings of The Argentine Voice -where she is one of the jurors- and took a few days of vacation to enjoy with your intimate group of friends.

The singer of Boomerang, Disciplina and Soy, among other successes, shared postcards of the trip she made to Europe on her Instagram account and surprised her millions of followers. One of the photos she shared was in a pool, topless and having a drink.

“Cane cane cane. Things get rough”wrote the popular idol, appealing to part of N5’s lyrics and generating many comments among his more than 10 million followers.


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Lali Espósito confirmed that her song N5 is dedicated to the Spanish singer Lola Indigo