June 29, 2021

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La Voz: the shame of the jury when making a mistake with a participant

1624976802 La Voz the shame of the jury when making a

Faces of regret in the juries.

Some more, some less, but all the juries of The Argentine voice have been working on stages for a long time, which has given them the necessary experience to detect talent when they have it in front of them. And yet on Monday’s show this didn’t happen.

The Cordoba Ignacio Sagalá He started when he was a boy with the songs of his compatriot, Fixed Pinion. He studied guitar, piano, clarinet and later began to sing. “This he likes from the heart, from the soul. That is what excites me the most and makes me the most proud, ”said his father in the previous interview.

In his “blind audition,” the 19-year-old began with a Spanish version of “Los sounds del silencio”. With perfect pitch and a very particular tone in his voice, he drew the attention of the jurors, who nevertheless kept their arms crossed. The seconds passed nothing, “it reminds me of someone”, “the truth is that it is perfect”, all very nice but nothing. Even when asked Ricardo Montaner as to whether he was going to turn around, he answered with a blunt: “Not me.”

And so the subject passed and no one turned around. But it was enough for the interpreter to improvise a song by Adele, so that the jury’s jaw dropped. Lali Esposito got excited, Want Y Ricky they grabbed their heads, The Sun she was biting her lower lip. “You deserve an apology”; “We have to ask for forgiveness”; “We ask you please come back.” While everyone was apologizing in shame, again, the Montaner patriarch took a distance and rehearsed an explanation: “The song you chose is not the song to come to this audition. You picked the wrong song, which didn’t allow us to see what we found now that you did the Adele thing. “

The juries invited Ignacio to participate again. “This is one of those times when the jury is wrong,” he summed up. Marley to the participant’s family.