La Ronda de Boltaña and Iván Ferreiro challenge the heat

La Ronda de Boltaña in the concert that he has offered at the Museum of Zaragoza.

Son two very different ways of approaching music but in both cases the undeniable thing is the love they profess towards her and, above all, the warmth they receive from a large audience. While The Round of Boltaña has offered a special concert tonight in the courtyard of the Zaragoza Museum (on a date included in the festival Múver of the Government of Aragon), the Galician Iván Ferreiro, accompanied by his brother Amaro, has performed on a stage always as striking as the Veruela monastery where he has given a new spin to his songs.

They have been two of the most outstanding events of the intense musical agenda that this weekend offers the community marked, how could it be otherwise, by the heat. Despite this, both Iván Ferreiro and La ronda de Boltaña have posted the full poster in the two concerts that they have offered, giving a new proof that the public is eager for cultural shows.

More than three decades on any type of scenario (and even none) support the trajectory of a Boltaña Round That tonight he has been able, he has already done it on many occasions, of transferring that festive character of the Pyrenean rounds to a stage as such in the courtyard of the Zaragoza Museum. In other times, it would have been a night of dancing, with people enjoying themselves up with the festive character that signifies the Huesca band. Even so, the public has celebrated (with moderation and with everything they could) each of the songs of La Ronda de Boltaña which has once again shown that the strength of his proposal lives inseparably anchored to the popular.

Iván Ferreiro, one of the members of what was one of the great Spanish pop and rock groups, Los Piratas, and who made hymns such as 80’s, with around 17 million listeners, or Promises that are worth nothing, with 11 million views, has provided a solid performance together, as we said, his brother Amaro.

Both have returned after a long year of pandemic with an exclusive tour, Stories and songs, an intimate and messy journey through the career of Iván Ferreiro. Based on stories, versions and, of course, his songs, supported by an audiovisual installation and a very special and unexpected repertoire, Ferreiro goes through his biography and explains how some songs were born in a format between concert and storytell that always saves a space for improvisation. A way of approaching the concert that, having seen what was seen this afternoon, is being liked by its followers who add up to a good number in Aragonese lands where it has, without a doubt, a very loyal audience.

Therefore, two very different proposals, that of the Aragonese and that of the Galician, who have starred on Saturday of the August festive bridge in Aragon. They have not been the only appointments of the day since they also Travis Birds has performed in Salinar de Naval within the SoNna Huesca and Pau Arán and Consuelo Trujillo They have done it in the Palacio de Congresos de Jaca within the Festival On the Camino de Santiago.