La Mercè Barcelona 2021: What concerts can you see at Barcelona festivals?

Barcelona celebrates from this Thursday until September 26 goods, the biggest festival in the city. The 150th edition of the party is still marked by the pandemic with capacity restrictions and prior appointment to attend your events. But despite the limitations, one of the most anticipated moments will be the musical concerts. There is something for all tastes and styles with main courses such as Stay Homas, Beth, Judit Neddermann or La Húngara. Attendance at all of them is with limited capacity and by appointment.

The actions, as usual, will be decentralized in various parts of the city: from Montjuïc, passing through Fabra i Coats, Plaça Reial or Moll de la Fusta. These are the musical proposals for each day.

Thursday September 23

La Mercè 2021 starts this Thursday at the BAM, located in the Moll de la Fusta with Sandra Monfort, but there will be concerts at the Olympic Stadium, the Forum or the Plaça Major in Nou Barris.

BAM. Wooden Pier:

– 6.30 p.m .: Sandra Monfort. Reptile Angel Child.

– 7.30 p.m .: Le Diouck.

– 20.30h: Ed Maverick.

– 21.30h: Paranoid 1966.

– 10.30pm: Honey.

– 23.30h: Crystal Murray.

Fabra and Coats. Living Culture Action:

– 19.30h: Araquel Lua.

– 8pm: Marta Gómez.

– 9.20pm: Marçal Calvet and Clara Poch

– 10pm: Alavedra.

– 23h: White Solar Dog.

Vall d’Hebron football fields:

– 20.20h: 31 FAM Jetlag Tour

– 9.40pm: Queralt Lahoz. Purity in concert

– 11 p.m .: La Dame Blanche

Olympic Stadium:

– 20.20h: Arc de Triomf. Born to bother (The 40Pop)

– 21.20h: Marcel i Júlia. In orbit (The 40Pop)

– 22.40h: The Tyets. The pipeig (The 40 Pop)

– 23.30h: Lildami. Spiral journey (The 40Pop)

Forum. Marine platform:

– 20.20h: AYOM

– 21.40: Bandé Gamboa

-11pm: The Amazons of Africa

Dr. Gardens Plan and Armengol:

– 20.20h: Maria Hein

– 21.40h: Carlota Flâneur. Brains

– 11pm: Núria Graham

Greek Theater:

– 8.20 pm: Arab Orchestra of Barcelona. 20 years of Shared Mediterranean Music.

– 9.40pm: Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino. Meridiana

– 23h: Barcelona Gipsy balKan Orchestra. New Age

Plaza Mayor de Nou Barris:

– 8.45pm: Municipal Band of Barcelona. La Mercè concert – Birthdays and big party

Pl. Joan Coromines:

– 20.50h: BAM: Bikoko

– 22.10h: BAM: Wind Atlas

– 23.30h: BAM: Fulu Music

Friday September 24

Royal Square:

– 12h: Alba Morena

– 18.30: Young Choir of the Orfeó Atlàntida. De Mozart a Broadway

– 20h: Barcelona Rainbow Singers. Concert 10+1 anniversaries

Wooden Pier:

– 18.30h: BAM: Cabiria. City of kas dos lunas

– 19.30h: BAM: Free Sis Mafia

– 20.30h: BAM: Centauros

– 21.30h: BAM: Juicy Bae. Yuc Bestfriends

– 22.30: BAM: Hydrogenesis

– 23.30: BAM: Santa Salut

Fabra i Coats: Live Cultural Action:

– 20h: Flamenco Queer

– 9pm: Fera and The Dissidents

22h: Las Marikarmen

– 23h: Suzanna

Vall d’Hebron football field:

– 20.20h: Cristian de Moret. Supernova

– 9.40pm: Senior and El Cor Brutal

– 11pm: The Enemies. Beast

Forum. Marine platform:

– 20.20h: The Crab Apples. Crap

– 21.40h: Sofia Gabanna

– 23h: Stay Homas. Water

Dr. Gardens Plan and Armengol:

– 20.20h: Iris Deco. Golden

– 21.40: Jasmine Boada. Where do I start

– 11pm: Gemma Humet. Motherland

Greek Theater:

– 20.20h: Aziza Brahim. Nomadic Blues

– 9.40pm: Mariola Members. Babylon

– 11pm: Carmen Linares (guest artist: Solvia Pérez Cruz) 40 years of Flamenco

Plaza Mayor de Nou Barris:

– 20.45: Barcelona Symphony Orchestra and National Orchestra of Catalonia

Olympic Stadium:

– 20.50h: Sara Roy. (To love (Chain 100)

– 22.10h: Beth (Cadena 100)

– 11.30pm: Miquel Abras (Chain 100)

Pl. Joan Coromines: BAM

– 20.50: Black Rat

– 22.10: An Uncontrollable Beast

– 11.30pm: Viva Belgrade

Basilica of La Merced:

– 9 pm: Cobla de Sant Jordi – City of Barcelona. Cobla de la Mercè concert

Saturday September 25

Fabra i Coats Acció Cultura Viva:

– 10am: Synthesize your wave

– 11am: Music and experiences

– 12h: The Red Garment

– 12pm: Discoforum with Las Pibas Producen

– 13h: Anna Colom – Cayana

– 4 pm: Drum Circle

– 5pm: Record Fair, Community Radio and Music Bingo

– 17.30: Discoforum with Las Pibas Producen

– 19h: Tilde

– 20h: Kenya

– 21h: Osito & The Cleftones

– 10pm: Lighter

– 23h: Lil Russia

Gardens of Dra. Plan and Armengol:

– 12h: Samuel Nagati (bread)

– 13.15: Operating room (bread)

– 20.20h: Renaldo & Clara

– 21.40h: Caïm Riba. Pluto moons

– 11pm: Pau Vallvé. Life is now

Former Estrella Damm Factory. BAM

– 12pm: Eternal Youth

– 13.30: Ostrich

– 5.30pm: Trunk

– 7pm: Lidia Damunt

– 20.30h: Rusowsky

Royal Square:

– 12pm: Ana Brenes (ESMUC) Camino

Wooden Pier:

– 18h: The Hungarian

– 7pm: Papa Orbe & The Flavor Scientists

– 8pm: BAM Bea Pelea. Romantic Reggaeton Vol. 2

– 9 pm: Roberto Fonseca Trio. Yesun

– 22h: BAM. Samantha Hudson

– 11pm: Interactive. Interactive from Cuba

Olympic Stadium:

– 20h: Mosaïc (Europa FM)

– 8.45pm: Extended clothes (Europa FM)

– 22h: Sense Sal (Europa FM)

– 11.15pm: Pepet i marieta # ViveTourSueño (Europa FM)

Vall d’Hebron football field:

-20.20 h: Alison Darwin

– 21.40: Power Burkas. Naive, perhaps

– 11pm: New Vulcanoo. Test

Greek Theater:

– 8.20pm: Toti Soler. The fingers of music

– 21.40h: Judit Neddermann. Air

– 23h: Clara Peya. Periphery

Forum. Marine platform:

– 20.25h: Joana Serrat & The Great Canyoners. Hardcore From The Heart

– 21.35h: Buhos. Collective therapy

– -23.10. Fat geese. On top of life

Plaza Mayor de Nou Barris:

– 8.45pm: Symphony Orchestra of the Gran Teatre del Liceu. Carmen Suite.

Pl. Joan Coromines:

– 20.50h: BAM: ulldeter

– 22.10: BAM. Kai Landre x Lyzza.

– 23.30: BAM: Planningtorock

Sunday September 26

Plaza Mayor de Nou Barris:

– 12:00: Jam Session Music School. Big Band Jam Session

– 7.30pm: VOZES Symphony Orchestra

Royal Square:

– 12pm: BAM: Liceu Conservatory Foundation. Blam Collective High School

Former Damm Star Factory:

– 5pm: BAM: Antonia Jiménez. Between bonuses

– 18.30: BAM. Yndi

– 20h: BAM: Tutu

Olympic Stadium:

– 6.30pm: Porto Bello (Concert Rac105)

– 19.30: Suu. (Concert Rac105)

– 8:45 pm: La Fúmiga (guest artist: Samantha) (Concert Rac105)

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