Korn canceled a show and Los Caligaris replaced the booing with a standing ovation

In an unexpected turn of events, American band Korn was unable to perform at the Monterrey festival, leaving fans baffled. However, the situation changed when Los Caligaris -who were going to play hours later- took the stage to save the night.

Although they were initially greeted with bottle slams and boos from Korn fans, they managed to turn that bad vibe into a memorable show that ended with the crowd “revolving t-shirts.”

The incident occurred at a music festival in Monterrey, known as a smaller version of the famous Lollapalooza festival.

Many of the heavy metal band’s fans flocked from the start of the festival, waiting up to 14 hours, to ensure they had the best spot on the main stage and to enjoy the band’s return to the country after their last visit in 2016.

Martín Pampiglione, a member of the band, told chain 3 How were they received by the public? From the beginning, there were bottle throws and the reaction from Korn’s fans was hostile. However, Los Caligaris did not give up and began their presentation. As the show progressed, the situation was completely transformed.

As officially reported, the North American band’s plane had a failure when it was preparing to take off from Los Angeles to Nuevo León, forcing it to return to the Van Nuys airport in California for security reasons.

Videos from the event clearly show the incredible transformation the audience underwent, from initial frustration to unbridled euphoria.

Although Korn was unable to fulfill their presentation, Los Caligaris stood out as true heroes of the night.

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Korn canceled a show and Los Caligaris replaced the booing with a standing ovation