KK Downing talks about his relationship with Glenn Tipton. BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE concerts postponed. MAINBRAIN debut.

KK Downing talks about his relationship with Glenn TiptonBULLET FOR MY VALENTINE concerts postponedDebut de MAINBRAIN

Former JUDAS PRIEST guitarist and leader of KK’S PRIEST K.K. Downing has been interviewed by Hit Channel. Below we reproduce some of the highlights.

You were never very close to Glenn Tipton but you were the greatest guitar duo of all time. What was the secret to that chemistry you had together on stage and in the studio?

Glenn and I worked very hard and did many things together. It’s like any relationship, there are always things where you’re going to have differences, but in most relationships there are probably always more things that you have in common. In the case of Glenn and me, we’re both Scorpios, we both like sports, we both loved doing what we did, we love playing guitar, writing songs. So we had a lot of things in common, but we also knew that we had to work together and make it work, otherwise we would have failed. I think that’s what helped build a good and powerful working relationship. And I am very grateful to Glenn for that and I will always respect him a lot, in fact more than the rest of the members of the group, because GlennBesides me, he was the one who worked the most. Glenn He was very dedicated and worked very, very hard.”

How important was the role of Chris Tsangarides (Gary Moore, THIN LIZZY, BLACK SABBATH) in “Painkiller”?

“I believe that Chris It was very important. Chris he was a very talented producer and a wonderful person. He was a great producer and also a good guitarist. He loved guitars and was a great person to work with. He is greatly missed. Chris he achieved a lot in his life and it’s a shame he died so young, otherwise we would still have great albums by Chris.”

You are responsible for the leather image of JUDAS PRIEST, where did you get it from?

“That’s a good question. What happened was that Rob and I used to go to a big theater in Birmingham where at the bottom there was a pile of clothes used in performances. We used to rent some, if you see me playing with LED ZEPPELIN in Oakland or at the Old Gray Whistle Test, I might be wearing some of those rented clothes at the theater. They were very colorful clothes, he looked like a star from the sixteenth century or something. We couldn’t afford to make stage clothes, so we rented stage clothes. Rob and I used to do it. Then I had some black over the knee jockey boots, I rented them but never returned them. At the time I made some equal in white. I also had some black satin pants that I made, a black shirt, and a leather vest that I put some tacks on and little by little it developed. In my head it looked like one of those musketeers from the 16th century, but I didn’t have it in color yet. It was all black, so I added a black satin jacket and a spiked leather choker. It happened slowly.

After a short time I really liked it because I wasn’t happy with the image of the group. Each one was dressed in a different way, with different clothes, I had no strength, so I told Rob to come with me to London to make us some clothes. We went to a store and these two lovely gay leatherwear experts made us a few things and off we went. In the end the rest of the band started to like it and everything came out. I was very happy that it worked.”

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his band K.K.’S PRIEST will start soon second disc.

KK’S PRIEST they released their debut album “Sermons of the Sinner” the October 1st.

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The concerts of BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE have been postponed. This is the statement from the organizers:

“The tour of BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE is postponed, as soon as we have the new dates we will inform all our RRSS and ticket holders for the events.

At that time, the possibility of keeping the ticket will be enabled, it will be fully valid, or request a refund.

Band statement:

“We are sad to announce that our European tour later this month will be postponed. Unfortunately, due to restrictions and Covid issues in various countries, we are unable to come play for you. However, we are working on a new set of dates for when restrictions have eased. We want to give you the best show possible, and can’t wait to get back. We hope to see each and every one of you very soon. Take care. BFMV”

Thanks for the patience.”

The new self-titled album BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE appeared on November 5 via Spinefarm/Search & Destroy.

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MAINBRAIN They will release their debut album “Jawbreaker” on February 11.

MAINBRAIN - Jawbreaker

These are the topics included:

  1. Jawbreaker
  2. Pornfucker
  3. Holmes Castle
  4. Anymore
  5. Perfector Lacerator
  6. Addiction

The material has been recorded, mixed and mastered by Fran Corpas, and the cover has been the work of the Indonesian Ardha Lepa (SINISTER, MALIGNANCY, PUTRID PILE).

The group released their EP “Feeding The Beasts” in 2013.

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KK Downing talks about his relationship with Glenn Tipton. BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE concerts postponed. MAINBRAIN debut.