Kiefer Sutherland, from filling cinemas to filling concerts: the actor launches the musical album ‘Bloor Street’

When a actor O actress You are the son or daughter of a movie legend, it is difficult to be successful without everyone wondering to what extent you have been plugged into the industry under the influence of mom or dad. Kiefer Sutherland, however, it has been won by own merits be one of the most reputable artists of his generation. Logically it has helped that Donald Sutherland, your father, be a movie legend, in a case similar to that of Kirk Douglas and Michael Douglas, but Kiefer has developed with ease in all the productions in which he has participated and has become a star that shines with its own light.

Much of the success and reputation it enjoys today came thanks to the series 24, heir to 9/11, where the actor played the emblematic agent of the Antiterrorist Unit Jack Bauer, a guy with few scruples when it comes to fighting the crime international.

He played this role for nine years, from 2001 to 2010; then he participated in a film attached to the series, 24: Redemption; in 2014 it joined the 12 episodes from 24: Live another day and for several weeks it has been rumored that the series could be reactivated for new seasons throughout 2022. However, we have also seen Sutherland Jr. in the series Designated Successor, on the Melancholia from Lars from Trier and, if one searches his early roles, one will find that he participated in jewels such as Hidden youth, Dark City, Time to kill O Some good men.

His professional career reveals that he is a multifaceted actor, but what many do not know is that this talent not only extends to the world of cinema, but to that of film. song. Because Kiefer Sutherland, in addition to a star of Hollywood that fills movie theaters, He is a prestigious singer who also fills a concerts. In fact, the actor has announced through his account Instagram, where he reaps a quarter of a million followers, the release of his new album, Bloor Street, and that you will travel throughout the UK and Europe in a tour musical to present it ».

«The premiere of Bloor Street It is scheduled for January 2022 and will be followed by an extensive 24-day tour, ”explains the artist. In the images that he has shared we can see and hear some of the pieces that this album will include, where it is mixed rock indie y pop, and in which Sutherland shows that he has a very good voice for this type of register.

Also, this is not his first album, since in 2019 he released Reckless & Me and in 2016 he turned to Down In A Hole, where he has already begun to demonstrate his talent as a vocalist. And you…Did you know the most musical side of Jack Bauer?

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