Katy Perry loses control of her eyelid during a concert

Katy Perry has returned to the stage after taking a break and enjoying her little Daisy Dove, the daughter she has had as a result of her relationship with actor Orlando Bloom, and her fans are more than grateful that the interpreter of hits like I Kissed a Girl either fire work come back high.

However, what many of her followers were not prepared for was to see how the singer had to deal with an unexpected problem in the middle of one of her performances. This is shown by a video that already has more than 16 million views on TikTok, in which the American artist can be seen on stage having some other problem with her right eyelid, which suddenly becomes paralyzed.

A momentary paralysis that the singer manages to solve by tapping on the corner of her eye, but which undoubtedly left her followers in the front rows quite impressed, who did not hesitate to comment on the moment on the social network, speculating that she could suffer some type of facial paralysis problem or, even more serious, be a symptom of some brain disease.

The singer tried to control it by making touches on the eye.


Others, for their part, trust that “only” it is a blepharospasm, an involuntary and repetitive contraction of the orbicularis oculi muscle that can temporarily cause abnormal postures and movements, usually in the upper eyelid. It is usually the product of stress and fatigue, and although it cannot be prevented, it is possible to go to a specialist to rule out any other type of eye or neurological disease.

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This is not the first time that Katy Perry has lost control

Now, fans of the singer know that this is not new. Since 2017, Kary Perry has shown a series of atypical behaviors of this type in different videos and public appearances, which coincidentally occurred when she was suffering from some kind of professional or personal problem, causing a mental health crisis. For example, her strange intervention on the Ellen DeGeneres show that same year or, in 2020, shortly before her daughter was born, her followers also drew attention to her strange behavior, implying that she did not it was the same as before.

A problem that is probably due to the stress to which she is subjected and for which the singer already had to leave the stage on another occasion.

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Katy Perry loses control of her eyelid during a concert