Karol G went to the Aventura concert and ended up singing with Romeo Santos

The urban music singer Karol G attended as a spectator a concert of the Dominican band Adventure on Los Angeles United States. However, he ended up taking the stage because the artists wanted him to sing along with Romeo Santos the song ‘Obsession’, in order to close the show.

Through his Instagram account, the paisa published a video of the exact moment in which he appears on stage and performs one of the most famous songs of the bachata group.

As mentioned, she is a huge fan of the brothers and decided to travel from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, just to see them. “I found out that Aventura would be in concert in LA, and as the fan that I am, I traveled without thinking to see them”He wrote in the description of the recording.

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The proposal to sing with Romeo Santos took for surprise to the interpreter of ‘Bichota’, who wanted to share the moment of happiness to the more than 41 million followers she has on Instagram.

I’m in my space, dancing, singing, shouting with their songs, and suddenly they come with a microphone and say: “They want to sing ‘Obsesión’ with you to close the night, are you ready?” And me what what?”Commented the paisa.

In the recording that already has more than 4 million reproductions, the artist’s fans congratulated her and shared their emotion, also mentioning that “dreams do come true“; This considering that she said that singing along with her favorite artists was something she wanted and never imagined that would happen in the middle of a concert.

I was there and when I saw Karol G it almost gave me a heart attack from the emotion to see my favorites with my favorite ”,“ The dream of everyone ”. ?”Were some of the messages left by his followers.

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Likewise, the Dominican brothers did not hesitate to share Karol G’s happiness on their social networks and thanked her for being a fan of the group. “You did it very well. Thank you for participating and also for going to see us, little sister. I saw that you enjoyed it well”, Lenny Santos commented in the publication that made the paisa.

For his part, the singer of the group, Romeo Santos, published several photos of the concert and among those some in which he comes out with the Colombian. “Karol G came to enjoy the show and I put her to work. Thank you pretty for making this night even more special. Thanks Los Angeles”He added in the description of the photo roll.

The artist’s ‘fans’ are also euphoric due to the announcement she made a few days ago about closing her ‘Bichota Tour’ tour in Colombia, specifically in Medellín, her hometown.

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