Karol G: the flirtatious friendship of the singer with Daiky Gamboa

He continues working on his musical projects and for this he decided to go to the Canary Islands. However, a post on Instagram has caught the attention of her fans because in the video she is seen next to one of his best friends. with whom they share jokes and play with their cell phones using social network filters.

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After his relationship with the reggaeton player Anuel AAsinger Carolina Giraldo Navarro better known in the artistic environment as He has been concentrating on making new songs and for this he is working very hard on what could be his new album.

The Colombian Karol G has been triumphing in the world of music (Photo: Karol G / Instagram)

The Colombian artist is currently in the Canary Islands and as a way to distract himself from work, he also plays some games with his friend Daiky Gamboaas reported by the portal .

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This is seen in a video posted on the Instagram social network where it appears Daiky who has funny filters placed on his face and then also focuses on and result in large mouths and eyes.

It must be taken into account that the different social networks have this type of filters that allow a person to enlarge some physical aspects such as eyes, mouth, nose, ear, etc.


The singer’s fans they were surprised to see their favorite artist using these types of filters. It should be noted that this video was posted on the Instagram of the fans of the singer in Costa Rica called ‘karolgupdates_’

In the video his friend appears shirtless and then looks at Carol G sitting next to him checking his cell phone.

This has aroused suspicion among his fans due to a possible romance between Carol G Y Daiky Gamboaalthough according to LaOpinión the aforementioned young man is one of his best friends and is also his artistic director with whom he came hand in hand to one of the official NBA games.

That is why his fans have not overlooked these details and suspect that this flirtatious friendship could end in something more serious.

Karol G with Daiky Gamboa in an NBA game (Photo: Karol G news / Instagram)
Karol G with Daiky Gamboa in an NBA game (Photo: Karol G news / Instagram)


But these have not been the only times they have been seen together. Y Daiky Gamboathen, they have also appeared performing choreographies on various occasions.

Although many remember when Daiky helped Carol G when the artist broke down with emotion during a presentation in the Colombian women’s prison.

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Karol G and Daiky Gamboa (Photo: concorafoundation/ Instagram)
Karol G and Daiky Gamboa (Photo: concorafoundation/ Instagram)


Carolina Giraldo Navarro is the real name of the Colombian singer who since she began her artistic career chose to be known as Karol G.

The Colombian singer used a diminutive of Carolina (Karol), and the first letter of her last name, to put together her stage name with which she is now known throughout the world.

She was born in Medellín (Colombia) on February 14, 1991 and is currently 31 years old.

Someone who has marked Karol G’s career is Guillermo, his father and manager. He has supported her daughter since the beginning of her career and continues to accompany her in every step she takes professionally. Guillermo has been a fundamental piece for the Colombian to have the success that he now has.

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The interpreter of songs like “MAM III” Y “Cob” attended “El Buen Pastor” as part of the activities of its charity organization in conjunction with Fundación Acción Interna, a non-profit entity founded to improve the quality of life of the prison and post-prison population in Colombia.

Through various publications on We have seen that the artist came to spend as much time as possible with the prisoners, who were very emotional and for a few minutes forgot how bad they are having being deprived of their liberty until they serve their respective sentences. .

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Karol G: the flirtatious friendship of the singer with Daiky Gamboa