Karol G shows off her tail and low back neckline to the rhythm of Dojo Cat and Megan Thee Stallion

Karol G shows off her tail and low neckline at the back to the rhythm of Dojo Cat and Megan Stallion.

Photo: Rodrigo Varela. / Getty Images

Karol G She does not want to leave for anyone, the Colombian is in a very important moment of her ascending career for it She looked very sexy showing off her ponytail and low back neckline that leaves little to the imagination posing to the rhythm of Dojo Cat and Megan Thee Stallion. In addition, he also showed his fewer kilos and her bust from the bathroom to show everyone her new blue eyebrows that match her hair.

Karol G is sweeping, the tickets for almost all dates of the Bichota Tour are sold out, so you have many reasons to celebrate and also be in a sea of ​​tears but of joy while sending a message to his countrymen in Colombia.

Karol G prepares what she hopes will be two historic concerts in her hometown Medellín. The show promises to be the most spectacular that is presented in the country. The first show sold out in record time, so a new date was opened. Both presentations make her very excited, because she wants to bring all the successes of her career to the land where she was born.

The sexiest Latina of the moment looks spectacular, she wastes sensuality, curves, rearguard and a turned and enviable back in each of her appearances. With that look, the ex of Anuel AA, Karol G She is also celebrating that it is her first time on the cover of the prestigious Billboard magazine, which immediately puts her in a select group of successful artists who leave the Latin gentile on high.

Karol G She is enjoying the results of years of effort and dedication, which have positioned her as a queen that represents all Latinas around the world.

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