Karol G reveals why he cries every time he sings ‘Ocean’, the song he dedicated to Anuel AA

    There are many issues that have positioned Karol G as one of the best reggaeton singers such as ‘Tusa’, ‘Bichota’, ‘El Makinón’, ‘Ay, Dios mi’ u ‘Ocean’. The latter came out in 2019, it belongs to an album that is called the same, its video clip accumulates more than 470 million views on YouTube and She dedicated it to the singer Anuel AA, who was still her boyfriend at that time. Karol G and Anuel were one of the most established couples of the urban genre, until at the beginning of this year they confirmed their break in a direct from Instagram. The Puerto Rican asked him to return with him in the middle of a concert in front of thousands of people, but Karol did not even react to what happened (at least publicly).

    There have been many times that throughout the tour ‘Bichota Tour’ Karol has broken down crying when I was playing ‘Ocean’ and fans have always thought that the reason behind those tears was Anuel. Karol has explained why he is excited Every time he gets on stage and sings the lyrics of this song: “Today I feel great for you and even if I tried, I couldn’t without you. All my happiness is thanks to you and if I die, I would come back for you.” Look at this video!

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    The Colombian wanted to make it clear in her last performance that does not cry only because of his already ended relationship with Anuel, but because this song means a lot to her, though He admits that when he composed it, he was ‘in love’ with the reggaeton: “People always believe that one cries for the same reason, but I suppose I was born on February 14 and I have it in my blood … I love with great intensity […] This song I wrote it because I felt very in love loving a person with a lot, a lot of love. ”

    “It is a song that ended up dedicating the mother to the daughter, the boyfriend to his girlfriend, a friend to his friend because simply still there are good people in this world who like to love with great intensity“Karol G explained to his fans at the Los Angeles concert.

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Karol G reveals why he cries every time he sings ‘Ocean’, the song he dedicated to Anuel AA