Karol G revealed that she does not want to commit, she said this at one of her concerts

The paisa has only had three known couples throughout her professional career: Anuel AA, Bull Nene and Dj Chez Tom.

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Karol G has positioned herself as one of the most important urban music artists at a national and international level and that is because her hits, which for a couple of years have been the most important on the lists of music platforms, streaminghave taken it to the top in this 2022.

With a record of nominations at the Billboard Awards and her new hits that remain among the most listened to on YouTube, these are the triumphs that this paisa has been able to achieve more than 10 years after starting her musical career professionally.

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The truth is that, in addition to her artistic career, fans of ‘La Bichota’ are also curious about her sentimental situation, in which, after breaking up with the famous rapper Anuel AA, it is unknown if she has a new love or goes out with someone

What did Karol G say about his love relationships?

Her hair color change was also a transformation of attitude and a stage in her life. From the hand of a bright red in her hair, his single life also began to have a more specific meaning.

A few weeks ago it was rumored that the singer could return to the Puerto Rican rapper because the same artist unarchived her photos on Instagram where she appeared with Anuel. Despite this, this information was not confirmed by either of them, who are at different stages of their professional and personal lives.

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Now, in the most recent concert, the singer spoke with one of her fans about her sentimental situation and revealed a little about her position on relationships and singleness.

“Carolina Giraldo, marry me, please, the toxic one gave me permission”says the poster that ‘La Bichota’ read in the middle of his presentation and that it was supported by a young couple.

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The response of the urban artist was forceful, “oh no, but it is that I don’t want to commit myself, just like that, more chimba”responded to the fanatic who, with ring in hand, asked her to marry him in the middle of the concert.

Carolina, as her real name is, has always been emphatic and very clear about love and love relationships through her songs, well, titles like ‘Tusa’ and ‘200 copas’ are some of the most prominent among the songs of heartbreak of the paisa.

In fact, with this last song he made a dedication to another fan who was crying in the front row. Realizing the situation, ‘La Bichota’ told him: “No more, if you’re going to keep crying after this concert, you’re not going to give it any more. play to my songs.

How many couples has Karol G had?

‘La Bichota’ has had three known couples throughout his professional career in the musical world: Anuel AA, from 2019 to 2022, Dj Chez Tom, less than six months, and Bull Nenewith whom he spent several years and who is currently the brother-in-law of the artist J Balvin.

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Karol G revealed that she does not want to commit, she said this at one of her concerts