Karol G dazzles with her beautiful figure in a minidress

Karol G he’s been a bit absent from his Instagram account lately. Although she has been busy and happy on her US tour, she has not shared content on a daily basis like other times. “My heart will beat down like you can’t imagine, to finish a show and for you to feel exactly like me, we don’t want it to end!” was one of his last messages.

In some passages, Karol showed that perhaps she does not feel well at all but she continues giving everything for her people: “Sometimes I have to go out with so many things in my head but I come out convinced that you are all I need to be better, to be happy, to be in Peace … ALWAYS GRATEFUL !! I never take anything for granted and yesterday in Austin I was as surprised as ever! Last show before starting the tour… and it was perhaps one of the most special I had this year. GET READY BECAUSE BICHOTA TOUR 2021 COMES NEXT LEVEL !!! ”.

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