Kalimba has had no contact with OV7 despite upcoming concert tour together

The tour will start in September 2022 (Photo: Instagram/@oficialov7)

OV7 It has established itself as one of the most important Spanish-language pop bands of all time, joining others like Timbiriche and RBD, but the controversy between its members has been the main focus of the group in recent months.

With the celebration tour for 30 years from the start of OV7, already very close to completion, the fans of the band continue to question what is happening with the members, because despite the fact that they will perform the agreed dates, after the fans had already begun to request reimbursement of the tickets that were originally for 2020 but were postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it seems that the chemistry that existed between the seven singers has disappeared.

for that now Kalimba has revealed that he has not had much personal communication with his colleagues since between the presentations of Joseph the Dreamer and his projects as a solo artist and actor, the last thing he does is see how each one of them is doing, but that is no reason for the professional not to turn out the way his fans of various generations expect of what may be the last tour made by the seven:

The singer will participate this 2022 in the play "joseph the dreamer"but now as the protagonist (Photo: Instagram@kalimbaofficial)
The singer will participate in 2022 in the play “José el soñador”, but now as the protagonist (Photo: Instagram@kalimbaofficial)

“[…] I do not knowI haven’t talked to themI have only spoken through the chat we have because I have been involved here (Joseph the Dreamer), but in I don’t get into the personal partI mean, I don’t know how everyone is. The only thing I can tell you is that as brothers I am sure that on stage and everywhere we will do everything with a lot of love”, the actor began to relate before the cameras of come the joy.

OV7’s 30th anniversary tour is not only very soon to happen, but it has also made Kalimba focus more than ever on making all of his projects as good as possible, which is why he mentioned: “From the moment we start the tour We will be ready for everything to go correctly”, he expressed before the remarks of the press who insisted on knowing if the problems between the singers continue, especially because of Ari Borova.

Fela Domínguez, Carlos Rivera and Kalimba make up the cast of "joseph the dreamer" (Photo: Instagram/@poluxweb)
Fela Domínguez, Carlos Rivera and Kalimba make up the cast of “José el soñador” (Photo: Instagram/@poluxweb)

Between tears and with a colored garment identical to hers, Charles Rivera He made public that his season partner Kalimba will be the new protagonist of the next season that could be released shortly.

Carlos did the best José that he has to give and I will do the same, that’s what’s important. It is not my interest that people come out saying what a great Carlos or Kalimba, but what a great José”, assured Kalimba.

OV7 will tour the entire country (Photo: Instagram/@oficialov7)
OV7 will tour the entire country (Photo: Instagram/@oficialov7)

In recent weeks during a broadcast of On Air Members, Erika Zaba He talked about what were some of the agreements that the pop group has now to avoid fighting again and separating as they did during part of 2020 and 2021. The most important thing now for OV7 is that none of its members speak about another publicly, because so there will be no misunderstandings.

We already fixed ourselves and we always said (that) to avoid misunderstandings that one person talks about, another says something else, that’s what started to happen (…) we agreed that no one was going to talk about nobody because, obviously, you said something and the other answeredAnd it was the worst thing that could happen.”


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Kalimba has had no contact with OV7 despite upcoming concert tour together