K-Pop group BTS announces their temporary separation

After completing nine years as a group this June 13, the components of the K-Pop band BTS have announced this Tuesday that they are taking a break, a temporary separation. The young idols, just three days after releasing their album, have made known their decision to focus on individual projects for a while through a video in which they all appear together eating and celebrating their anniversary as part of the BTS FESTA, the event in which they participate annually. “We have to accept that the group has changed. Until [los temas] ON Y dynamite I felt that the group was in my hands. But with butter Y Permission to dance I didn’t know what kind of group we were anymore,” explained member Kim Nam-joon, better known as RM. The singer has assured that for a long time he thought that BTS was not “like the rest of the groups”, although he assures that “both K-Pop and the idol system do not let people mature”.

Other members have agreed on the same line. “We have always thought of them [los fans] and it is now when we think about what artists we each want to be. That is why we are having a difficult time. We are trying to find our identity”, he argued. the singer jimin. To the relief of the millions of fans of their music around the world, the idols have made it clear that this is not an end point to their journey together. “We are going to live apart for a while,” rapper Suga, another of its members, has summed up.

The band released a new album, proofjust three days ago. Recently, they visited the White House to discuss with President Joe Biden the racism suffered by a large part of the Asian community residing in the United States. Korean idols have also participated in other vindictive messages, among which the support for Unicef’s fight to mitigate the ravages of the pandemic in childhood stands out. “Our tomorrow can be dark, painful, difficult. We could trip or fall. But the stars shine brighter when the night is darker”, explained RM in a side event to the 75th Annual Assembly of the United Nations 2020.

The origins of BTS date back to 2010, when Bang Si-hyuk, founder of the Korean entertainment company Big Hit Music, offered RM (then called Rap Monster) a contract. Subsequently, the other components were added. They began to gain fame with covers of other songs and vlogs that they posted on their YouTube platform channel. It was not until May 27, 2013 that they announced their first album with a trailer, O!RUL8,2?published in September of the same year.

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K-Pop group BTS announces their temporary separation