Justin Santos, brother of the singer Arcángel, died after a traffic accident

Justin Santos, the younger brother of American singer Austin Agustín Santos, Better known as Arcángel, he died during the early hours of this Sunday after a strong traffic accident in San Juan, Puerto Rico. According to local media reports, the accident occurred at 2:32 am, when a 46-year-old woman hit the Can-Am off-road vehicle that the 21-year-old was driving with a passenger with a Hyundai Tucson.

“As a result of the impact, the driver of the Can-Am and the passenger are expelled, unfortunately the driver died at the scene,” he told the Puerto Rican newspaper. The new day, Lieutenant Elvis Zeno, Assistant Director of Police Traffic.

According to the officer, the woman underwent a blood test to establish whether she was driving while intoxicated. “We did all the investigation, the vehicles were removed and transported to the San Juan Traffic Division. Now the prosecutor is expected to give us instructions to cite the case. Witnesses have to be interviewed, all Teodoro Moscoso’s cameras have to be checked, ”Zeno added in his talk with the Puerto Rican media. You can read: Archangel talks about possible disease in the brain

A couple of hours ago Arcángel regretted on his Instagram account the events that ended the life of his younger brother.

“I am nothing or nobody to demand of you, much less claim anything from you, Father, I was taught that your will, whatever happens, must be respected and accepted. AND Although it hurts at an inexplicable level if that is your will, I repeat that I accept it, Dad, now I think I am in a position to ask you for strength and understanding to be able to guide us. It is all I ask of you: strength and understanding is what I need.

And I have nothing else to learn. That is why I only ask you to show me the way. Leave the rest to me. Give me the strength to be able to guide this family on the right path. Because the strength I had, my soul and this sick heart have just died today as well ”.

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Justin Santos, brother of the singer Arcángel, died after a traffic accident