Jungkook from BTS LIVE: what are the links to see the maknae at FESTA 2023?

This Tuesday, June 13, South Korea painted itself purple to celebrate the tenth anniversary of BTS, the k-pop group whose successes have conquered millions of people. Despite the fact that a few days have passed since the central date, the festivities are not over yet, since on Saturday the 17th two highly anticipated events were held by ARMY that were broadcast LIVE throughout the world from Yeouido.

Jungkook’s emotional message for ARMY

The fireworks display was narrated by the youngest of BTS, Jeon Jungkook, and he did not hesitate to send a warm message to all his followers:

Hello, I’m Jungkook. We’ve been together for 10 years now. We have spent year after year with ARMY, the exhausting summer has turned into something full of hope. Just as today is such a special day, we are going to decorate our summer night with these beautiful fireworks full of our love and gratitude. We hope these fireworks reach everyone who has been supporting us,” the k-pop idol narrated.

Following the appearance of the fireworks in the sky, the singer’s voice was heard once more: “I wonder what BTS is like in their mind… In our case, those times when we sang and danced together in the sky come to mind.” the concerts… As fireworks light up the dark night in a beautiful way, thank you for lighting up our nights when we had nothing.”.


BTS’s Jungkook at FESTA 2023: what time does he perform LIVE?

The BANGTAN minor will also have an event with his fans. He will host a fireworks show based in South Korea’s Yeouido Park. The schedule for this show is after Namjoon’s, so it is recommended to follow both activities so you don’t miss any detail. Next, check out the time that Jungkook’s dynamic will begin.

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Jungkook from BTS LIVE: what are the links to see the maknae at FESTA 2023?