Julión Álvarez becomes a trend in networks after Governor Samuel García’s joke

After the governor of Nuevo León, Samuel García, called on citizens for wasting water by bathing twice a day while listening to Julian Alvarezthe memes with the Mexican regional singer have not stopped appearing.

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On August 3, García spoke in a presentation about the changes that have had to be made at the agricultural and industrial levels to deal with the precarious water situation in the state and “scolded” the media and citizens for don’t talk about it and don’t be careful with the water.

“What is the royal, the Neolonian doing? How is it possible that currently there are still people who bathe twice a day or Julión Álvarez sing in the shower,” said the governor.

The memes were immediate after the governor’s statement, who also assured that because it is an issue that implies a responsibility for the community, it is not treated too much in the media.

The singer has been the subject of a number of memes and, according to the Reforma Agency, Álvarez’s office reported that there will be no comment on what the governor said.

Just in August of last year, Álvarez finished a five-year process in which he was accused of money laundering and appeared on the black list of the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), of the United States Department of the Treasury. The interpreter of “Háblame de Ti” spoke of how difficult it was to go through this legal process to clear his name before the authorities and ended up affecting even his family, since they all suffered discrimination due to the accusations.

Internet users, in any case, took advantage of the fame of the singer and took flight with the reactions after the comment of the president of Nuevo León in the midst of the drought that the state suffers.

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Julión Álvarez becomes a trend in networks after Governor Samuel García’s joke