Juanjo: ‘3vol y las Hormigas Sin Antenas’ is the new EP by the Quito band 3vol | Music | Entertainment

The independent music scene has been characterized for a long time by the variety it offers to its followers, proof of this is the band from the capital 3vol (@3volleying), which for more than ten years has been in charge of maintaining sound experimentation as a banner, thus cultivating more and more followers.

jordan orange (bass, voice), Steve Lopez (guitar) and Zak Icaza (drums) are the ones who make up this power trio that released their most recent EP, entitled 3vol and Ants Without Antennaswhich has been available on digital distribution platforms since last Saturday.

Cover of ‘3vol and the Ants Without Antennas’. Photo: The Universe

Composed of six songs and lasting approximately twenty-five minutes, the EP has part of the characteristic sound of 3volinfluenced by the metal, with features of progressive rock and fusion as a base, this time even with elements of the electronic music between his melodies. They are mostly tracks instrumentals in which voices and sequences appear sporadically, with the exception of Amber Greenwhere a firm and energetic song appears that motivates to chant without stopping.

This studio work has an impeccable aesthetic and breaks some of the established molds in terms of mass consumption of current music, with the aim of highlighting the creativity of its artists, who stand out individually and collectively, thanks to their extraordinary performances.

On the technical side, the band decided to collaborate with different professionals such as Angel Mena, Jose Antonio Coka and Hugo Vejarin charge of the mixing process, while the mastering was done by Juan Pablo Rivas.

So far this 2022, 3vol and Ants Without Antennas it is one of the highlights of independent national art (from the opinion of the critic).

Ecuador has more and more offer in terms of music; from pop and urban, even rock, indie and bands that are not afraid to undertake sound searches, such as 3vol.

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Juanjo: ‘3vol y las Hormigas Sin Antenas’ is the new EP by the Quito band 3vol | Music | Entertainment