Juan Luis Guerra suspended a concert in Chile due to health problems: “I’m not fit”

Juan Luis Guerra explained in a video his state of health and the reasons for the cancellation of the concert.

Juan Luis Guerra suspended a concert in Chile two hours before its start due to health problems.

This Monday, November 7, the singer had to give the first of three concerts in Chile but a feverish picture and a sore throat prevented him from doing so.

“Has been discontinued due to the artist’s health problems. It is worth mentioning that Juan Luis Guerra presented a feverish picture with a sore throat today, which prevents him from putting on a quality show for his fans as he usually does,” the producer Bizarro said in a statement.

The organization announced that it will soon be announced what will happen to the concert discontinued. “In the next 72 hours they will report if the suspended show is rescheduled or permanently canceled.”

So far, the concerts for Wednesday, November 9 and Thursday, November 10, to be held in Santiago remain scheduled as they were, although any type of change will be reported.

“The production company hopes that the artist recovers as soon as possible and also informs fans that the concerts on November 9 and 10 would take place normally as established, although any changes will be announced depending on the evolution of the health of the artist. artist in the next 24 hours.”

The artist of Dominican origin is in Chile in the middle of his “Entre Mar y Palmeras Tour” which is inspired by his latest album of the same name.

Through a video published on social networks, the singer Juan Luis Guerra gave more details of his state of health and the suspension of the concert.

“Dear friends from Chile, here I am at the Movistar Arena, on stage, and unfortunately I have to inform you that today’s show will have to be postponed for another day due to my voice condition.”

The Dominican announced that he has been “in treatment for two days but my voice is still not in a position to put on a show.”

The singer continued with his explanations and regretted having suspended the concert for health reasons. “To take care of the remaining (concerts), we are going to cancel today’s one, and I hope, with God’s favor, to see you next Wednesday and Thursday.”

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Juan Luis Guerra suspended a concert in Chile due to health problems: “I’m not fit”