Josh Kiszka’s eardrum rupture forces Greta Van Fleet to continue canceling concerts –

November 10, 2022 12:43 p.m.
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The effort you have made Josh Kiszkavocalist of Greta Van Fleetto go ahead with the tour of the band despite being in full recovery from a ruptured eardrum, he has encountered the pain experienced by it during the last performances, which leads to having to suspend new concerts so that Josh can finish to recover from this important problem with which he has dealing since mid october.

Josh himself has been in charge of reporting this situation with a video posted on the band networks in which he highlights how the pain experienced in recent concerts has led him to make this difficult decision: “I just wanted to express how beautiful and how amazing these two concerts have been, really. Also, unfortunately, they have been quite painful. The last time I spoke to you, I asked for your understanding; I was dealing with a ruptured eardrum. Unfortunately Although the eardrum continues to heal, it has also continued to cause me a lot of physical pain, which has made my work very difficult. I have been fighting this for the last week and I have been trying to get through every gig. And I am at a point where I believe that I need a period of time to heal better. Unfortunately, that means rescheduling shows for the rest of this month, which kills me for doing this, especially on such short notice.”

The vocalist appreciates the understanding of his followers, surprised by what he describes as unlimited support: “I am truly sorry to everyone in El Paso, Tucson, Anaheim and Sacramento. This year has been an extremely rewarding experience. I cannot begin to thank all of you enough for your seemingly endless support and understanding. Again, I cannot express how difficult this decision is to make, truly. I’m very, very grateful and appreciate all the love and positivity that all of you seem to have in limitless supply. It’s a really disheartening setback. And I think when we’re finally all together and Let’s celebrate it in that spirit, I think everything will be fine and correct.”

The concerts that were going to take place in El Paso, Tucson, Anaheim and Sacramento are those affected by the vocalist’s health problem, which A few weeks ago I reported the first cancellations due to the rupture of the eardrum that occurred during the concert of bangor.


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Josh Kiszka’s eardrum rupture forces Greta Van Fleet to continue canceling concerts –