José Manuel Zamacona died of COVID-19 despite being fully vaccinated

MÉXICO, DF, JULY 01, 2011.- The composer and musician, José Manuel Zamacona and the Yonics, attended Plaza Galerias this afternoon to unveil the Bronze tracks of said group. PHOTO: FRANCISCO RODRÍGUEZ / CUARTOSCURO.COM

Showbiz mourned after the tragic news of the death of José Manuel Zamacona. The singer lost the battle due to the devastation left by the coronavirus in his body despite having been vaccinated against the new type of pneumonia. This has caused a stir, since once again the efficacy of the inoculations is questioned. However, what do health authorities say about the effectiveness of vaccines?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), se expects COVID-19 vaccines to provide at least some protection against new variants of the virus and are effective in preventing the severe form of disease and death. They specify that you can still die from the disease while it is still changing, since it does not generate a 100% immune response.

The agency on its official site explained that vaccines generate an extensive immune response, and the presence of some changes or mutations in the virus should not cause them to lose. completely its effectiveness. If any of these vaccines are less effective against one or more variants, it will be possible to change the composition of the vaccine to provide protection against these variants.

José Manuel Zamacona (Photo: Cuartoscuro)
José Manuel Zamacona (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

The WHO, at the moment, assured that data on the new variants of the virus that causes coronavirus infection continue to be collected and analyzed.

“While we wait for more information, we have to continue doing Every effort is made to slow the spread of the virus to avoid the development of mutations that could reduce the effectiveness of available vaccines. This means that it will be necessary to continue to respect the minimum safety distance of one meter with other people, cover yourself with your elbow when coughing or sneezing, wash your hands frequently, wear a mask and avoid poorly ventilated rooms or open a window, “said the UN agency.

According to the United Nations agency, the virus does not know how to do anything other than mutate, which is why they ask the general population to continue to seek anti-pandemic measures.

José Manuel Zamacona spent several weeks in hospital derived from its contagion by COVID-19. The leader and guitarist of Los Yonic’s He lost his life this Sunday afternoon in his native state of Guerrero.


His family had recently asked the group’s followers for help through social networks to cope with the financial burden of weeks of intubation in the hospital: “I ask you, my sisters and brothers, a prayer asking for the total restoration of my daddy’s left lung, together we can have victory, we can do everything in Christ ”wrote a couple of days ago on Instagram his son José Manuel Zamacona Jr.

The interpreter of themes like Pieces of me Y But you will regret He was hospitalized almost a month ago and although in recent days he had evolved favorably and under medical supervision – even the hospital staff where he was admitted assured that he would be in recovery for approximately six months.

It transpired that on March 19, José Manuel made known to his followers that had agreed to the vaccine against the disease. The artist shared an image captured at the time of his vaccination: “I thank God for allowing me to reach this moment, I send you a hug and blessings for everyone.”