José Manuel Soto offers to give a free concert in Sierra Bermeja (Málaga) after the fire

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The Sevillian singer Jose Manuel Soto offered this Friday on Twitter to perform for free in the environment of Sierra Bermeja, in Malaga, which has been affected by a sixth generation forest fire that Infoca’s troops have yet to finish liquidating.

In a reply to the president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno, Soto has shown his solidarity in the face of the disaster: “I offer myself to give free concert in the area when it comes up, you have to lend a hand to recover that wonder of nature! “, he has published.

The offer has been received with mixed opinions among Internet users. “It is one thing to lend a hand to recover the area and another to offer to finish destroying it “,” No, please. The animals have suffered enough “or” ANDa have had enough, José Manuel, please! “are some of the responses that have been sent by more critical users, some with joke and bad slobber, but others genuinely arguing that a concert in the area would be counterproductive for the medium.

However, there have been many users who they have come out in defense of the goodness of the singer’s initiative.

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