John Petrucci (Dream Theater): “I wonder why more women don’t come to our concerts” –

December 16, 2021 2:15 pm
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Although only a few days ago we were John Petrucci, guitarist of Dream Theater, changing roles with Robb Flynn in the interview that of Machine Head organized in your program, the genius of the progressive is more used to answering questions, and this is what he has done recently to Loudersound with the launch of ‘A View From the Top of the World’ as a background, answering questions posed by his followers on the networks, which has led the guitarist to play a delicate subject, the low attendance of women at his concerts.

The question posed by the user “Jo Fleischer” about the low presence of women at Dream Theater concerts found this answer: “I don’t know why it is so. I just did my third guitar camp, the John Petrucci’s Guitar Universe, and I have had a lot of guest instructors. It was the first time that my wife Rena, has come as a guest instructor. He was a guitarist for Meanstreak, an all-women thrash metal band, and now they play in Judas Priestess. All but two in attendance were men. We had talks about the reason why more women do not come to the camps and concerts in this musical genre. There are a lot of female guitarists and drummers, why don’t they come to the concerts? We’ve seen an increase in Dream Theater shows lately, but the percentage is still low and I always wonder why. I would love to see more women attend our concerts! “

The occasion to show John that in Spain men and women enjoy his music alike will come with the concerts of presentation of the new album by Dream Theater, two appointments scheduled for the days April 30 at the Vistalegre Palace in Madrid Y May 1 at the Cubec in Bilbao, both counting on Devin Townsend as a luxurious opening.


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John Petrucci (Dream Theater): “I wonder why more women don’t come to our concerts” –