Joe Perry (Aerosmith) disagrees with Gene Simmons (Kiss) and believes that rock is not dead, citing this band as an example –

July 11, 2022 4:18 pm
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If a few days ago we found joe perryguitarist of aerosmithopening the door so that we can receive a new album from the bandnow the squire to the six strings of Steven Tyler shows us his disagreement with the popular declarations of Gene Simmons about what rock is deadoffering great arguments against it and even pointing to a band as an example.

The interview that Perry offered to Andrew Daly of VW Music is the one that presents us with this perspective of the mythical Aerosmith ax, which will soon undertake the solo concerts he scheduled following the cancellation of part of the band’s Las Vegas residency due to the rehabilitation of his vocalist: “No, not at all… There are some great rock ‘n’ roll bands that still fly the flag, and one example is the son of Brad WhitfordGraham, who plays with Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown. I think they’re kicking ass, and the thing is there’s a lot of guys that want to go out and play rock ‘n’ roll and that kind of music on their guitars. The problem is that there aren’t enough fans to listen to it, so it will only go so far, but there are still people there for them to build a fan base. These new bands are still headlining, opening for other bands, and it’s the same. It’s not like they were at the top of the Billboard charts or at the top of the pop charts, but that was the way it was back in the late ’60s.”

Perry takes us to the beginnings of what rock is today to continue with his reflection: “All the rock ‘n’ roll that I liked didn’t even have a place in the grammys, and there was nothing too commercial about it. I mean I saw The Who in a small club playing ‘Tommy’. It was just a club, but the place was packed, and it was all about the fans who wanted to hear it. It’s the same now, those fans are still there, and that’s what really keeps it alive. I mean if it wasn’t “classical music”, it wouldn’t be “classic rock”, and it wouldn’t be as big as it is.”

The guitarist still finds one more key in the business section to reaffirm that rock has not said its last word: “I still see it, people are buying catalogs of rock artists and paying stupid amounts of money because they know it’s going to keep growing and growing and growing. That tells me rock ‘n’ roll isn’t dead.”.


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Joe Perry (Aerosmith) disagrees with Gene Simmons (Kiss) and believes that rock is not dead, citing this band as an example –