Joan Sebastian: Woman points out that the Mexican singer abused her when she was 14 years old

Joan Sebastian’s name is involved in a new controversy, after the Mexican regional singer Marisol Castro affirmed in an interview on the show gossip not like that the native of Juliantla abused her.

Castro stated that the incident occurred when she was 14 years old and that He has been in therapy for several years due to the emotional impact that moment left him.

She narrates that she met the singer through a friend of her family, and that she had the opportunity to sing with him as part of a casting process. However, she assured that after the presentation “hell began”.

“I was impressed when I saw it, I didn’t like it, I was in the mood of the kids. He was in his 50s and 40s, he was a man with wrinkles, very thin.“, he commented.

Castro went on to say that Joan Sebastian he began to hug her in a quite affectionate way, and began to touch her in a vulgar and disrespectful way.

“I did not measure the consequences of what he was doing. I thought that was very normal. She starts touching you, holding your hands and starts telling you a lot of things“, it states.

Marisol comments that Joan Sebastian began to come on to her with phrases like “doll, how cute you are“, “You’re an angel” Y “you’re made of sugar“.

“I began to whisper very nice things in your ear and you begin to weaken and he tells you that he is going to record an album for you, that he is going to take care of you and that he will make a production with you“, he narrated.

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The singer assures that her mother entered the room where the singer and her were, and said a series of words “strong and vulgar, wondering what was happening”, and taking Castro out of that place.

They defend Sebastian

After Marisol Castro’s statements went viral, one of Joan Sebastian’s musicians and keyboardist, Benito Jimenez, gave his statements and affirmed that nothing Castro said was real.

According to Jimenez in the same program where Castro testified about the alleged abuse, there was never a casting, and Joan Sebastian was accompanied by his wifewhile Marisol Castro was always accompanied by her mother.

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“She sang the song, she got off the stage, Joan followed the concert. When he finished, Joan went to his dressing room with his wife, his children and my mother who wanted to see them. Joan did not speak to them again, ”he assured.

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Joan Sebastian: Woman points out that the Mexican singer abused her when she was 14 years old