Jairo recovers from mild pneumonia and reschedules his next concerts

While rumor spread that Jairo was a boarding school, one of his sons, Yaco Gonzalez, clarified the news in dialogue with THE NATION. “He is not boarding school. He was at the Favaloro Foundation as a precaution because he came with a respiratory virus. As she had a high fever on Sunday night, that same day at the Favaloro Foundation they did a tomography that determined that she had mild pneumonia caused by a respiratory virus that my little nephew brought from Italy. But everything is under control. Jairo is at home, resting quietly. He is in very good spirits ”.

In your account Facebook It is explained that due to “medical recommendation in the course of a mild pneumonia from which Jairo is recovering,” the presentations scheduled in the cities of San Juan, Mendoza, San Luis and Río Cuarto will be rescheduled. “We regret any inconvenience that this decision may generate, knowing that it will be understood and accompanied,” the statement said.

From their surroundings, they point out that the artist reached almost 40 degrees in a painting to which a strong cold was added. Which, inevitably, led to the hypothesis of a possible positive Covid-19. He had come from performing functions in Concepción del Uruguay and in Armstrong with some difficulty due to the situation that he was incubating. As he was not improving, on Sunday he was transferred to the Favaloro Foundation where, by protocol, he was first isolated and after ruling out a possible Covid, a tomography was performed. This study was the one that determined that he had mild pneumonia, so treatment was started quickly. He is currently at home surrounded by his affections and in a very good mood.

This season Jairo released the album in which he celebrates his 50 years with musicRodrigo Nespolo – THE NATION

This year, the popular singer is celebrating 50 years with music. At age 71, Jairo He has a very extensive career (which includes 50 albums, 35 in Spanish and 15 in French) and a superlative professional and human profile. In an interview with THE NATION reviewed his favorite songs among the more than 800 that he recorded in 5 different languages. “I really like ‘La milonga del trovador’ for obvious reasons: because Horacio Ferrer and Astor Piazzolla composed it for me, for me to sing it in the first person, as if it were autobiographical. Imagine what a compliment that these two monsters dedicated a song to me. I also privilege the songs that I composed with Daniel Salzano; for example, ‘The lovers’, ‘Crazy horse’, ‘Miracle in the Union Bar’. Salzano allowed me to enter his universe, which was a world of images, very cinematographic, unlike anything known. And of course ‘El valle y el volcano’ ‘is another of my favorite songs. In the pandemic I tried to recreate my old themes, to enrich them harmoniously. And in that sense, the one that performed the most was that one. There he showed me that it is a very noble song, from which you can suddenly demand something else and he gives it to you. I also rescued some folkloric scores, such as ‘Piedra y camino’, by Atahualpa Yupanqui, which is one of the five most beautiful in the Argentine songbook ”, he said at that time.

Surely, some of those songs will be playing these days at home until the famous singer with a long history in France sing again in front of audiences from different provinces.

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Jairo recovers from mild pneumonia and reschedules his next concerts