J Balvin on his differences with Residente: ‘We will not be friends’

During a recent interview he gave for the YouTube channel of Tell me king, J Balvin talked about some of the controversies in which he has been involved in recent months. And it is that this 2021 has not been, perhaps the, best year for the Colombian since he was the protagonist of a series of situations that put him in the foreground; ranging from troubles in his native country, a theme song for which he was branded a misogynist, and his infamous confrontation with Resident, from Calle 13, within the framework of the Latin Grammy.

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J Balvin recounted his most controversial moments in 2021

“I already apologized, what more do you want? What else can I do? I already apologized from my heart “, commented the musician when speaking of the controversy caused by the video clip of his single “Bitch”, which was even removed from YouTube.

Regarding the exchange of words he had with his colleague, René Pérez, for trying to boycott the Latin Grammys, he said: “There are many things that people do not know and I am not going to tell them. Everyone has a clear conscience […] to foolish words, deaf ears […] your word against mine, your conscience against mine […]”.

When questioned by the interviewer about the possibility that he would speak to Residente again or try to renew his friendship with him, he said: “Yes, of course, no friends. I considered him a friend, my friend, that’s why it hurt ”.

And he culminated in stating that he knew how to take advantage of the situation. “I am from Paisa, I am from Medellín, if they give me lemons I will make lemonade. We sold everything ”, revealed Balvin regarding the garments that he put on sale in the midst of the controversy with René.

As we will recall, the Puerto Rican artist compared the music of his Colombian counterpart to a “hot dog cart.” In response to this, Balvin put on sale caps and sweaters with prints of that fast food.

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J Balvin on his differences with Residente: ‘We will not be friends’