It will work? Chile holds ‘mega-concert’ to test vaccine effectiveness

After 17 months without concerts live due to the pandemic in Chile, 200 volunteers attended this Thursday the presentation of a rock band with full capacity to test the risks of massive contagion of coronavirus.

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The first trial of this type in Latin America was called ‘The Music Rehearse’, a study by the Chilean Society of Musical Authors and Interpreters (SCD) and the Clinical Hospital of the University of Chile, which seeks scientific conclusions to return to concerts and other cultural activities in times of covid.

With paraphernalia from their favorite group and eager to return to dancing and humming hits among strangers, those attending this experiment in Santiago enjoyed an hour to the rhythm of funk rock from ‘Stone Pig’, a popular Chilean band that turned its followers into volunteers.

Musical concert of the Chilean band ‘Chancho en Piedra’.


University of Chile and SCD / EFE

The clinical trial that the concert became began at 8 am, in the dead of winter, with a test PCR at the hospital.

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All those who tested negative had their pass to the night touch in a room with sanitary protocols, and as the new era dictates, with masks and alcohol on hand.

Concert in Chile

PCR test to attend the musical concert in Chile.


University of Chile and SCD / EFE

“I think we all want to go back to events, to music, but with the necessary protection, and today we are all a little scared, but since all of us here have negative PCR, it is something super important and beautiful. It’s wonderful to feel the music again, “Nicole, a 31-year-old woman who took a break from her work in human resources to attend the event, told AFP.

The first requirement for this concert was to have your vaccination full. In Chile, more than 69% of the population of 19 million inhabitants already has its complete scheme and the country began in August to put a third dose.

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As they did in Barcelona and other parts of the world, this type of clinical trials wants to “provide scientific information so that there are protocols that give greater stability to the sector and greater capacity, so Chilean music will be back on stage with force,” Rodrigo Osorio, president of the Copyright Society, explained to AFP. (SCD) and vocalist of the group ‘Sinergia’.

Music as an antidote

Chile is going through its best moment in relation to the control of the pandemic. However, since March 2020 it has been one of the countries with the restrictions longer in terms of suspension of classes, quarantines by communes and regions, closed borders and very low capacity.

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In addition, the night curfew is maintained.

“We want this to set a precedent so that throughout the region, music can return in a continuous, stable way and that musicians and the entire sector can return to work,” said Osorio.

Alejandro Afani, immunologist at the Clinical Hospital of the University of Chile, said that the trial is contemplated with a PCR to all attendees eight days after the concert, hoping that it can serve an entire cultural sector eager to recover their scenarios as soon as possible with full chairs.

“In this project we see how science is made available to culture, to support its necessary and safe return,” commented the rector of the University of Chile, Ennio Vivaldi.

“We have no doubt that the song It is a vital element for the well-being of people and we want to contribute so that this is not only a phrase but a reality, “he added.

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