“It reminded me of the night of September 4, 1970” «Diario y Radio Universidad Chile

Over the next few days, the group You are Illimani will return to Nescafé Theater of the Arts to star in a series of concerts that, under the name of “Revuelta”, will mark the reunion of the group with its audience.

According to the musician Jorge Coulon, in conversation with the journalist Patricio López, in the program Radioanalysis, the presentation will have a “poetic” character. For this reason, the repertoire will be composed of some of the melodies that have been less interpreted by the group. However, there will also be space for those songs that are already “mandatory” for musicians.

“We want to make a concert that is a joy from beginning to end in the musical”Coulon explained. “The idea is to make a super poetic concert in the sense that the music and the whole environment take you out of your seat,” he commented.

On the other hand, the multi-instrumentalist referred to Inti Illimani’s reunion with his audience and stated that, after the strictest confinement, neither the musicians nor the fans are the same. Meanwhile, he said the pandemic was never an obstacle for the group. On the contrary, he pointed out that Inti Illimani has always been characterized as a curious group and that, at present, the greatest challenge they face is to continue composing without lowering the standards demanded by their own artistic history.

“We are not a group that appears today and always we have to measure ourselves with what has been done. So, much remains in the sense that it does not exceed or is not better than what there is, “he said. “We are a group that does not rest on its laurels”, He said.

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He also referred to his own confinement and pointed out that the experience was positive, since it gave him an unusual calm within the hustle and bustle of his career. It was super strange, because we are a group that regularly does one hundred concerts a year (…). In my personal case, I had been doing it for 52 years, but I had experienced something similar when we were exiled in Europe by the Military Coup. That was also a violent life change, but in another sense and, somehow, one learns from that, ”he shared.

“I must confess that I liked being calmer (…). Now we are going to see what we are returning to, what this return is about ”, added the musician.

During the conversation, Jorge Coulon also commented on the triumph of Gabriel Boric in the elections last Sunday and compared the celebration of that night with the victory of Salvador Allende in 1970. According to him, both processes have particular contexts and characteristics, however, they coincide in their citizen and popular character.

“They are very different circumstances, but spontaneously emptying into the streets reminded me of the night of September 4, 1970. There was no planning there, calls. It was the people who came out to celebrate, which makes this Boric victory a true popular victory, ”the musician emphasized.

The founding musician of the group Inti Illimani also highlighted the support of the artists for the campaign of the standard-bearer of Approve Dignity and stated that politics and the arts are two worlds that are connected.

“What happens is that politics is spoken of as this cursed word, politics as a dirty thing and, in reality, it is dirty to the extent that it is done dirty. Politics can be very beautiful, very beautiful, and whatever is said, it is necessary. It is part of our daily life as is art too ”, he said, noting that“ art can also be very dirty ”.

“In general, what gets corrupted is what is done to be sold. What is done with a low ethical purpose. But we live in a society and art is an expression of the times. It is a filter different from experience, but it has a great kinship with all that it means to live in a society, which is politics, ”he commented.

The “Revuelta” concert will be held on December 27, 28, 29 and 30 at the Nescafé de las Artes Theater at 8:00 p.m. Tickets can be purchased at the ticket office of the venue and through the system Ticketek.

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“It reminded me of the night of September 4, 1970” «Diario y Radio Universidad Chile