“It is the moment to eliminate the concerts to schools that segregate”

She does not sit on the Governing Council every Wednesday, but the partner in the distance from the Executive is getting, step by step, legislative agreements based on the mantra that Julio Anguita established in his day: “Program, program and program.”

Henar Moreno, deputy for Izquierda Unida, reviews the two already consumed years of the legislature and sets the objectives to be developed between now and the next elections, with the social and the public as the main objectives of its formation.

His party has stated from day one that its objective in this legislature is a clear commitment to the social and the public.

– There are more targets. We must not forget that economic development is fundamental and there one of our hallmarks is the stability of workers, working conditions and labor relations have to be one of the objectives. What we were talking about a few days ago about that new organization chart is also essential to recover an Occupational Hazard Headquarters, which since 2016 has not even identified what the heading for this matter is.

We are, unfortunately, one of the communities with the highest accident rate and with the highest mortality from work-related accidents in the entire country and this has to be one of our objectives. This increase is directly related to the budget cuts that were made during the PP governments. The objective of this legislature has to be to recover the 2.5 million euros that already existed in 2007. We would like to increase it more, but at least we are going to work on recovering that figure.

Several services for public management have been recovered throughout these two years.

– It has been shown that what has been seen during the 24 years of popular management has been the creation of beach bars, shielding the concerts to ensure that they had optimal conditions. We consider that the recovery of public services is the guarantee that public resources are allocated to the provision of public services.

The example of ambulances is clear. When it is tendered, prices are lowered and the private benefit has to be maintained, and what ends up happening is that workers are not replaced, that when we need an ambulance we do not have one … In addition, dialogue with the workers of that company is essential to know the sector.

There have been occasions that ambulances have been bought that did not fit on the streets of the municipalities of La Rioja or that had a stretcher and that workers had to lower the patient in a chair down stairs, or that the necessary chips to have coverage are not available necessary. They are the ones who have to provide us with those details to improve the service.

Health has been the first thing in which they have tried to recover what had been privatized. The integration of the Calahorra hospital into the SERIS would remain.

– The Hospital de Calahorra Foundation is public in an effective capacity, but for us, being integrated into the SERIS is a priority. It will be a year since this bill was registered and we understand that it has to be processed urgently. We will present an amendment that will be negotiated with the government so that integration is also an integration of workers. What is pending is the educational issue; the elimination of concerts with those centers that segregate for gender or socioeconomic reasons and to rebuild a public education that guarantees the principle of equality among the children of our community.

After two years of legislature, Henar Moreno stayed a step behind, but the feeling is that he achieves more things than those who took a step forward and are part of the Government.

– We must be aware of the forces that we have and how to allocate them to our objective. We did not want positions, the priority was not to manage directly. I wish we could do it, but for that we need a majority in that Governing Council and with a single deputy what we had to do was be the fly that would demand what had been agreed.

There have been ups and downs, but the harmony with the Government now is very good. The will of the Executive, and this is what has been seen in these months, is to comply with the programmatic agreements. From this Budget I am left with two things that have not been carried out: the educational concerts and the firm commitment to Vocational Training. Everything seems to indicate that we are not going to get the Calahorra Integrated Vocational Training Center open when planned because there has not been that commitment to new specialties that dignify professional training.

Already involved in the next Budget to be approved?

– There we are. The disposition of the Government is very good and that of the United Left as well. The Minister of Finance has the objective of complying with the Law and presenting the budget on September 30 and I am convinced that this year he will achieve it.

A few days ago the Memory Law declined due to the absence of the President of Parliament, upon learning that he was positive for COVID. What will happen to her?

– It’s a small stumbling block. He is going to present again, they are only going to lose two weeks. It will be debated again in the next plenary session. And we will also present the Social Economy Law, which is going to be a very important regulation. Of course, it seems to us that the attitude of Ciudadanos, who announces a vote and how he sees that he can throw it, changes the vote at the last moment due to the fact that a person becomes ill. It seems rude to me. It will be necessary to see what he votes this time, because it would only be necessary that after voting against he now abstains. But nothing happens, it will give us the opportunity to learn more about it. It is very much in tune with state law and I believe that La Rioja has to be a pioneer in that regard.

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