Is Shakira having a secret affair with another star? All about the latest rumor

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A month ago the world of entertainment was shaken by the separation of one of the most stable couples of the show in Spanish. She is about the music superstar, native of Barranquilla, Colombia, Shakiraand the soccer champion, Gerard Piquéwho after 12 years together as a couple and two children together, announced a separation that had been announced for months, and was accompanied by all kinds of rumors that came to include infidelity on both sides.

The rumor machine in action

Much has been said about the separation of Barranquilla and Catalan. That he was seen with another blonde girl partying in Barcelona, ​​that she had kicked him out of her house and was preparing for a new life in Miami, the truth is that there are many joint assets, including their children, that these two stars in their respective disciplines must draw and at the moment there is no confirmation of any arrangement of the couple that will work for them from now on. What there are are rumours… and many!

The last thing that is being talked about in the Spanish gossip press is that although it has been said that the unfaithful is the handsome soccer player, who would have a relationship of years with another man would be Shakira, and this lover in question, supposedly it is about his musical colleague and partner in duets, Alejandro Sanz.

This according to the Spanish journalist Javier de Hoyos, who would have exploded a bomb that is touring the world when he stated categorically on the television show Partners of the Show, that Shakira would have “at least 15 years” a secret relationship with Sanz , according to WHO magazine website.

“It was thought that they opened the doors to a reconciliation, but it is Alejandro Sanz in Miami. He is encouraging her to go to the city of the sun… They have had a secret bond for more than fifteen years, ”revealed the journalist. Let us remember that Shakira and Sanz collaborated together in the musical success La Tortura, from 2005, and two years later they repeated the feat with the song Te Lo Agradezco, Pero No.

Shakira – Torture (Official HD Video) ft. Alejandro SanzOfficial HD Video “La Tortura” by Shakira ft. Alejandro Sanz Listen to Shakira: Watch more videos by Shakira: Subscribe to the official Shakira YouTube channel: Follow Shakira Facebook: Shakira.lnk .to/followFI Instagram: Twitter: TikTok: Website: Spotify: YouTube : Ask your voice device to play Shakira! Lyrics: I know that…2009-10-03T04:47:55Z

It is important to note in this note that the journalist’s claims are not supported by any solid evidence, and that Alejandro Sanz has had a solid relationship with the singer Rachel Valdés since 2019, even sharing images of both and airing their love publicly through their social networks.

Shakira and Piqué: Legal battle for their children

At the moment nothing about an alleged romance between Shakira and Alejandro Sanz is confirmed, what is true is that both Shakira and Gerard Piqué are shielding themselves with their respective teams of lawyers to start a battle for the custody of their children, the little Sasha and Milan, who until now reside in Barcelona, ​​Spain, but all that could change from Shakira deciding to return to America, where she has so many work commitments, including her successful musical career, that she would have lagged behind a bit in recent years .

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Is Shakira having a secret affair with another star? All about the latest rumor