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An information disseminated in the news of the showbiz from Mexico It has generated agitation on social media and is that a renowned presenter ensures that the current Miss Universe 2021, Andrea Meza, would be the biological daughter of the singer Ana Gabriel.

The popular journalist of the pink press, Shanik berman, spoke of the apparent family relationship between the beauty queen and the interpreter of Friends simply friends, after a video of Youtube.

Account Soft soft soft published the record where a voice ‘in off’ is heard that would ensure that Meza would have admitted to being daughter biological of the renowned singer of balads. In addition, reference is made to physical resemblance between the winner of the crown and Ana Gabriel. The video quickly went viral.

Voice ‘in off’ that says that Andrea Meza, Miss Universe 2021, is the daughter of the singer Ana Gabriel. Video: YouTube

Berman gave the information as a fact on his social networks and pointed out that the interpreter of You decided it adopted to family of one of his attendees, while his real daughter “is the Miss Universe.” The presenter assured that Ana Gabriel would have given the young when I was a baby, as published by the portal Infobae May 25, 2021.

“While Ana Gabriel she always raised her partner’s daughter, who also helped her with her wardrobe, like her daughter; his real daughter is the miss Universe, whom you gave up for adoption, what will you do now Ana Gabriel? “Said the journalist on the social network Instagram. The statement caused numerous critics in the comment section.

“Oh, leave that girl alone. Why can’t you celebrate your triumph? ”,“ Ma’am, you as a professional journalist and with the ethics that endorses it for years cannot spread a rumor of that magnitude without first having proof or showing its reliable source”, Are some of the messages that the public sent him to Shanik berman.

The presenter’s video became popular in social media, but later it was denied by the same Berman on Instagram.

“Welcome Andrea Meza to the world of celebrities, where rumors will haunt you, some ugly, some pretty, some true, and some uncertain. What is true is that if you had been the daughter of Ana Gabriel,
in addition to miss Universe and as an engineer, you would have the booming voice of the singer. Happy reign and may you have many blessings, “said the journalist in a clip on Instagram.

Before the doubts of the fans, other local media also denied the rumor. In the publications it was recalled that the successful mexican singer stated on several occasions that never had children and the maternity represents a dream that could not come true. Even the journalistic record where Ana Gabriel regrets the fact that she was not a mother.

The journalist Claudia de Icaza He also referred to the issue and wrote on his account Twitter: “Ana Gabriel He had no children, I know from a good source. I do not know if it is an invention or confusion, but it did not have biological children”.

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