In the middle of the third wave of COVID-19, 20,000 attendees await the “Baja Beach Fest” in Rosarito, BC

Photo: Guillermo Arias / AFP / Archive

In the middle of the third wave of infections and deaths from COVID-19, the authorities of Rosarito, in Baja California, authorized the event Baja Beach Fest, where the presence of more than 20,000 people daily is expected, during the six days that the event will last.

Despite the fact that Rosarito dropped its epidemiological traffic light from green to yellow, due to the increase in COVID-19 cases, the authorities did not suspend the event – which had already been canceled in 2020 due to the disease – by ensuring that attendees should Present your proof of vaccination with the complete schedule, or present your negative test.

“The people who are going to attend this event, more than 95%, are vaccinated with the complete scheme. That would be the first great innovation step that we have in massive events in the Baja California territory in Mexico. The 5% that are not vaccinated will have the scenario of: one, to be vaccinated, or two, to have a negative test 48 hours before the event “, said the Secretary of Health, Alonso Pérez Rico, who admitted that they expect more than 20,000 people to attend the Baja Beach Fest.

Pérez Rico pointed out that all concert workers also have to be vaccinated with what, he said, will prevent coronavirus outbreaks from being recorded.

(Foto: Google Maps)
(Foto: Google Maps)

“It is very important to tell you that it is not just those who attend the event who have the obligation to be vaccinated, but those who attend the event, I am talking about waiters, security guards, personnel who participate in the event. It will be a 100% Covid vaccine event. What do I mean? That those who are going to be there will all be vaccinated, it gives them a lot of security in the scheme that we bring from the health and safety protocol “, he pointed.

To ensure compliance with regulations, those attending the Baja Beach Fest They must activate their festival wristbands through the official website where they must register the requested documents, such as negative tests for Covid-19 or the vaccination certificate.

He reported that attendees should take the tests through the Covid-19 Clinic centers or in the Covid-19 testing centers located in the municipalities of Rosarito and Tijuana.

The health minister assured that in case the sanitary measures are not complied with, the event would be suspended.

Nevertheless, admitted that COVID-19 outbreaks could be triggered, but he said that with vaccination, you have control of the chains of infections in mass events.

Health personnel transport a person infected by covid-19, on July 29, 2021, in the emergency area of ​​the General Hospital in Mexico City (Mexico). EFE / Sáshenka Gutiérrez
Health personnel transport a person infected by covid-19, on July 29, 2021, in the emergency area of ​​the General Hospital in Mexico City (Mexico). EFE / Sáshenka Gutiérrez

“Of course there are (there can be infections), in fact, a meeting of 100 can cause a coronavirus outbreak or a chain of transmission. What is required precisely in all concerts, in all meetings or concentration of people, is to be vaccinated “, he acknowledged.

Despite the risk, the festival will take place.

The Baja Beach Fest is known for being one of the largest reggaeton and Latin trap music festivals that has been held for three years in Rosarito, Baja California. Its 2020 edition was canceled due to the advance of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Festival will take place from August 13 to 15 and from August 20 to 22 in the Rosarito Beaches.