In the middle of the game on TikTok, a girl revealed her mother’s infidelity with “the one next door”

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The games in TikTok are becoming more and more viral, especially those in which confess some truths as, for example, that of “someone here” either “it feels”.

On this occasion, a video in which a girl, in the middle of the game, went viral “it feels”he confessed to his father that his mother I would be unfaithful with the neighbor, well He said so in the middle of TikTok.

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The scene, which has caused all kinds of reactions in networks, was shared through a video on TikTok, in which the girl and her father are seen playing the viral challengewhich consists of the participants telling each other ‘truths’ that may make the other person uncomfortable.

They were both having fun with the game, when it was the girl’s turn, who made her father understand thatand his mother would be unfaithful to him with another man.

Girl reveals her mother’s infidelity on TikTok

The first to initiate the challenge was the father, who threw him a hurtful comment to the little girl to which she could not help reacting with another even worse.

“How does it feel when your dad doesn’t let you have a boyfriend because he gets mad?“Said the father without waiting for his own daughter’s response.

At the father’s comment, the little girl reacted immediately and said: “How does it feel to have your toxic girl with another man?”. The comment, of course, stunned the man, who could not continue with the game and He asked his daughter for an explanation.

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“It’s that once my mom put me a song with my grandmother Ofe and said that the ‘of here’ was her boyfriend »explained the little girl while the man couldn’t avoid the discomfort.

Upon hearing the girl’s accusations, the mother entered the scene to deny everything and explain what had really happened. Well, according to her, the little girl got confused since when she pointed to her ‘boyfriend’ she was referring to a member of a music band.

Finally, the woman was upset by the confusion that the little girl caused while trying to explain to her partner that it was all about a girl’s confusion

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In the middle of the game on TikTok, a girl revealed her mother’s infidelity with “the one next door”