In photos: Sebastián Yatra presents on Instagram who would be his girlfriend

Last week, the renowned Colombian singer Sebastian Yatra He ‘turned on’ the networks when he published some photographs that left more than one with many assumptions.

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Apparently, the singer would be starting a new romance after the break with the Argentine singer and actress Tini Stoessel.

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It is no secret that the artist known for hit songs like ‘Ideal Girl’ (2021), ‘Couple of the Year’ (2021) and ‘She no longer has a boyfriend’ (2019) has become one of the most coveted singles in the world. famous world.

However, he left the suspicion that he is no longer single, because in the publication He is with a woman with whom he seems to share more than a friendship or work relationship.

And although the closeness of the two is evident in the portrait, what caught the attention of Internet users was the tender message that the singer left in the description: ‘My piece of sun’.

But … Who is the woman?

The woman who accompanies him in the photographs is Clara Galle.

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Clara Galle is a actress, dancer, model and painter Spanish, who will make his film debut in the Netflix original film ‘Through My Window’, which will be released on February 4, 2022.

Most of his career, Galle has been dedicated to advertising, being part of ‘spots’ for different brands. As shown in their social networks, the actress likes reading, writing and photography.

The artist for her part also published the photos with Sebastián Yatra on her Instagram account, the difference is that she only put two emoticons: a seal and a yellow heart.

Yatra is in Spain for work reasons, he was recently invited by the singer Aitana to perform live ‘Corazón sin vida’ (2020) in one of their shows.

Some of his followers say that the publication with Clara Galle is a resounding confirmation of a new courtship, but, on the other hand, there are Internet users who say that Clara would only be the new model from a music video.

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