In Bitcoin 2022 there will be a Music Festival, are you going to miss it?

A press release was recently sent to CryptoTrend by BTC Media announcing the first Music Festival related to Bitcoin (BTC). We tell you all the details!

Sound Money Bitcoin Music Festival is coming soon

According to the statement from BTC Media, organizer of Bitcoin 2022, the music festival will take place during the conference; in fact, it will be part of the closing. Therefore, it will take place on Saturday, April 9 at the Pride Park of the Miami Beach Convention Center.

But what is Bitcoin 2022? And why will there be a music festival? According to the official event page, is described as the largest Bitcoin gathering in the world. There will be featured important speakers, sponsors and various renowned guests within the crypto community. And for its part, Bitcoin Inc is the parent company behind the conference.

A very important piece of information is that the mission of Bitcoin Inc is “to propel the world towards hyperbitcoinization.” Therefore, the Sound Money Fest (SMF) will be a celebration of the adoption of Bitcoin.

Where can I buy the tickets?

Considering that the music festival will be part of Bitcoin 2022, festival tickets include general admission to the entire conference. However, they can also be purchased individually through BTC Media here.

A very important aspect is that the Sound Money Fest will be an event that, like Bitcoin, is not exclusive. The Bitcoin community is recognized for its diversity and therefore the music festival will feature 17 performances that include varied genres; including pop, k-pop, and alternative music.

Thus, Sound Money Fest tickets are available with exclusive festival passes starting at USD 99. While general admission passes to Bitcoin 2022 start at USD 499, these tickets include access to the entire congress and festival.

A very important piece of information! The organizers of Bitcoin 2022 assured that they will offer free and subsidized tickets to the contributors of the event and to students of open source Bitcoin. Details on this topic will be announced shortly.

Will Bitcoin 2022 be worth it?

As we have previously mentioned in CryptoTrend, Bitcoin conferences are concentration points for learning and developing the crypto industry. Attending a conference allows you to learn from the experts of the crypto market and learn about new projects that could have potential.

For example, Bitcoin 2021 managed to concentrate more than 12,000 people from the crypto industry in Miami and the organizers point that that number will grow to more than 30,000 by Bitcoin 2022.

Therefore, the event will involve different panels with experts, discussions, networking events, live presentations, entertainment, giveaways and much more.

We previously noted that the Sound Money Fest will be the close of Bitcoin 2022, however, the event will begin on April 6. On this day finance, financial technology and energy infrastructure will converge with the Bitcoin ecosystem.

According to the press release, the event will host more than 6,000 global industry leaders, 80 speakers, 4,000 companies and a day of presentations with the aim of providing a platform to the next generation of Bitcoin companies.

That is, the event will not be limited exclusively to experts from the crypto industry or companies related to the ecosystem. On the contrary, Bitcoin 2022 will go much further and touch multiple sectors of the economy that can converge with the Bitcoin ecosystem.

“At Bitcoin 2021, we booed, cheered, laughed and cried,” said BTC Media CEO and event organizer David Bailey. “The conference spanned the entire emotional spectrum and the 2022 event will do the same. This conference is going to grab the world’s attention. Let’s show them what freedom, sovereignty and prosperity really mean. Get your tickets today and we’ll see you in Miami.

Meet BTC Media!

For those of you who don’t know, BTC Media is a Bitcoin-related media company. It is a company that operates globally, but is based in Nashville, Tennesse. A very curious fact is that this city is precisely known for its music in the United States.

BTC Media is responsible for collecting and distributing information, education and research that contribute to the shaping of the financial systems of the future.

So, with this in mind, his clients range from small tech companies to Fortune 500 financial titans.

This is how BTC Media keeps the world informed through products and services that include Bitcoin Magazine, Bitcoin, and The Distributed Ledger. As a result, they provide the most widely read digital currency publications on the planet, along with multimedia information and educational services on financial technology. You can find more information about BTC Media here.

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In Bitcoin 2022 there will be a Music Festival, are you going to miss it?