“I’m bad because I asked for a DNA test, but if someone else asks for it, it’s normal”

A question about the postponement of the concert with which he resumed the “Cerca de ti” tour was the origin of an unusual confession. As is known, has preferred not to delve into the relationship he has with his son and the details of a subject that has brought him into the eye of the public storm. In this regard, he says that last year in Lima a man harshly rebuked him. “He referred to this problem and I saw that he had an aberration against me. She told me ‘you abandoned your son’, the same thing a lot of people say. I went over and talked to him and happily he could see that I was not the person they say”. This time, the Venezuelan singer-songwriter has decided to give his version of the events and talk extensively about the paternity that has been claimed for more than 20 years. “I always asked not to talk about this subject, but everything that was done was made available to the press. Now I want to do it. I know that it sells much more to say that Guillermo Dávila is a thug than to say that I am going to Peru to present a concert”. The show awaited by the legion of fans that ‘Nacho’ has in the country is scheduled for June 25 at the Círculo Militar de Jesus María. From New York, his statements about the controversy that surrounds him.

—Your visit was expected for Mother’s Day, what happened?

I don’t postpone it, the company that organized it does. Now it will be in another place. The date change is because, look at him, no businessman wants to risk having a loss. Especially when there are certain determinations of the premises for government reasons. Where 100 could fit, only 70 could enter at that time. Also, this gave me time to talk about the concert in the media, because unfortunately the only thing that is said about me is that I have been a bad man, the same old story. And I understand that because people are not in my life and there are skilled people to handle these situations, they are professionals. Undoubtedly there are people who want to take advantage. So much so that entrepreneurs have come up with the great idea of ​​putting on a concert with Vasco. He is my son but I cannot induce him to a concert where we may not even have time to rehearse.

“Many people want to show that I am a bad man. And no, buddy, I am a man like many who have had a child out of wedlock. The truth is that I am not a criminal and I have been treated as such.”

Guillermo Davila / Performer About the criticism for having taken years to recognize Vasco Madueño as a son.

—He also goes for another style.

Of course, he is lyrical, but the concert thing can be invented and I can present it and blah blah blah. For that reason I separated myself from my group of managers who only thought about doing business. But more important than that is the relationship we can have as father and son. I’ve already said it, but I’ve also gotten angry because many people want to show that I’m a bad guy, bad. And no, buddy, I am a man like many who has had a child out of wedlock. The truth is that I am not a criminal and I have been treated as such. When people don’t know the world of television they say a lot of things.

“What else have you felt accused of?”

Well, now I show up because I have a concert. People are intrigued as to why I was absent for so long in Peru. It’s very simple, I had a complaint (Editor’s note: in 2000 Jessica Madueño filed a paternity suit against the Venezuelan interpreter) as if he were a criminal. I was willing to go and sign this child, but my lawyers told me not to go to Peru because they had everything ready to go to jail. That’s what happened, but I’m sure they’re going to say it’s a lie, that I didn’t come because I’m a bad father. Wherever it is I know that I have to lose. If I came, I would end up in jail, and since I didn’t, I’m a prisoner of this scandal, of all this that has been handled over all these years.

—What makes you change your mind and return to Peru?

It is that I decided to wait until he is of legal age and to be able to understand me with him. Because with or without an exam, he already looked like my son, but just because he looked like me, it didn’t mean that legally he was. I want him to have my last name, but it seems that those who advise him all they did was hinder things, because they could be solved in less than 48 hours. I have always wanted to help him, but there are many interests and factors involved that have caused terrible damage, especially to him. On the other hand, I have grown up and I have prepared myself to face this because I am a public type. This does not mean that I am capable of supporting everything, it is very difficult because one is never right and if you are going to defend yourself, even less so. If you are guilty you are worse than guilty and if you are innocent you are still guilty.

According to the statements that Dávila gave to El Comercio, he always had the intention of approaching Vasco Madueño, even before it was confirmed that he is his son.
According to the statements that Dávila gave to El Comercio, he always had the intention of approaching Vasco Madueño, even before it was confirmed that he is his son.

—This situation is like a stigma for Vasco and also for you.

For him because he is in his own country, but I think he would prefer to give concerts instead of talking about it. For me this happens with a part of the public that I have. I see comments that offend and others that try to defend me, but neither one nor the other is right because they don’t know the reality of their mother or mine. Vasco has been living the true reality since he was born. He has been the most affected.

—And now, after your paternity was confirmed, how is your relationship going?

I tried to communicate many times since I left Lima and I also tried to meet up to give him my last name. But for that it was necessary for him and his mother to reject the one he wears. It was a legal issue. But it didn’t happen. He kept me waiting at Reniec, but surely he had plenty of reasons for doing so, though they were never made clear. I cannot change their way of thinking, of feeling, of processing their way of acting.

-What do you think that happened?

I don’t know, but I think there is a resentment that is fueled by public opinion that has been manipulated as well. I understand it and I want to make it clear that I do not feel like a victim nor have I loved myself nor do I want to take advantage of the situation with Vasco. I went to Peru to comply with the steps required by law, to begin a rapprochement as father and son. For many, I am bad because I asked for a DNA test, but if someone else asks for it, that is normal.

Are you willing to support his career in music?

Who better than me to be able to show you the way. I already have a daughter who is an actress and she is very good. I am separated from her mother and although she does not deal with her at all, I have always tried to stay close to my daughter.

—In recent years have you had any kind of contact with Jessica Madueño, Vasco’s mother?

None. Look, when I was there in Lima, they sent me a video where she makes some statements where she calls me slimy and any type of offense. I believe that a mother cannot publicly attack the father of her child. When I saw this attitude I got scared, I thought that she was out of her mind and I realized that she could not engage in any kind of approach.

“Appealing to your sense of self-criticism, is there anything you regret?”

I think I should not have listened so much to third parties, many appeared like rice. And those who told me not to go when I was ready to go was a group of lawyers in Venezuela who had contacts in Peru. I don’t know if the ridicule to which he was supposed to be subjected was true or not, but that’s what they told me.

Memories, novelties and more

—Recently you enabled your YouTube channel again and you inaugurated a series of videos called “Guillermo’s tales” in which you tell your anecdotes, are you planning to write an autobiographical book?

It’s already being written, I have it quite early. “Guillermo’s tales” are born from the book, but it is very difficult to publish it because if you mention someone and they don’t like what you wrote then they start suing. It is very delicate to tell certain things, that is why the book is going to focus on my stories, but professional ones. The personal ones are going to be touched in a very superficial way.


—Decades ago the song “Without thinking twice” caused a lot of controversy due to its lyrics. Today, however, there are topics with much more explicit phrases. How do you remember that episode?

For that song I even went to court. It seems that I have had an easy time being related as a thug. When they summoned me to give my statements, two policemen with helmets stand next to me and grab my arm and pull me. Then a journalist appears and takes a picture of me. The front page of the newspaper was “Guillermo Dávila put on trial.” Later I found out that the person who denounced me was an Opus Dei politician. He accused me of inciting rape with that song. So I gave my answer. I said that, in any case, the culprit was not me but Rudy La Scala, who wrote the song; the record label that allowed me to sing it; the radio stations that broadcast it; and the public that listens to it and loves it. So we were all prisoners.

—You are 67 years old and have four decades of successful experience. Have you ever thought of leaving everything behind and leading a quieter life?

I have hung up the gloves for a long time. Ever since I recorded “Ligia Elena” I told myself this is no more, but I was only going away for a while. That is why I have generally lived on the outskirts of the city, far from everything and tried to stay out of so many stories that are told out there.

—Do we have Guillermo Dávila for a while?

Well, at any moment I’m going to train my exit. I already did it once. I left in 2014, I disconnected from everything for 14 days (laughs). Actually, I was already ‘singing the peanut tree’ (Editor’s note: he refers to the time he was diagnosed with severe pneumonia due to two bacteria and was saved from death), but the doctors did their job and brought me back.

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Concert part of the Tour “Cerca de ti”

Date: June 25, from 9 pm Place: Military Circle of Jesus Maria (Av. Salaverry 1650). Tickets: Teleticket and at Pollería Bolívar (756 Antonio Polo Street, Pueblo Libre). The tickets that were purchased for the 2020 concert, suspended due to the pandemic, are valid for this new show.

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“I’m bad because I asked for a DNA test, but if someone else asks for it, it’s normal”