Ilse de Flans revealed what went through her mind when she fainted at a concert

The singer felt a tingling in the body and then withdrew.

Some days ago, Ilse Olivo of Custard suffered a health emergency during his concert at the GNP Insurance Forum of Merida, Yucatan; which concerned all attendees.

In the final stretch of the show, the singer of eighties hits disappeared from the stage and received medical attention while her companions and the members of the band Pandora continued singing. Towards the end of the show, the venue staff explained to the audience that Ilse had suffered a “heat stroke”.

The singer of songs like Bazaar and Oh love! He didn’t have an immediate fainting, but he began to feel a worrying tingling that went up from his feet to his arms; when she withdrew from the public eye his arms were already “completely asleep”.

Ilse Olivo suffered a “heat stroke” in full presentation with Flans

Also, he couldn’t speak well, so he put it to Radius Formula in a phone call. “Something happened because I had what I wanted to say right in my mind but I couldn’t put it into words,” she said.

The successful singer also recounted everything that went through her mind in those distressing moments, as she prioritized the experience of her audience before her own health:

“It had never happened to me, there were only three songs left and I asked a lady for her fan, but since we were singing How are you doing, honey? which is one of the highest points of the show, I did not want to do ‘the bear’ to interrupt the moment and discreetly left, but I did not expect that there were also people in the back and they could be watching me”, he mentioned.

Ilse prioritized the experience of her followers (Photo: Instagram @ilsemariaolivo)

He finally passed out when he was in the back of the stage “There I already fainted and if it was dramatic because I listened to the paramedics, there was my engineer, my boyfriend-couple-husband-lover and he asked every time ‘How’s the pressure? How is the heart?’ and the paramedics said that I was fine, but I wanted to get up and I couldn’t”.

Hours after the end of the show, a video went viral on social networks in which the singer is seen leaving the stage and behind the scenes she was practically on the floor. In the recording, Ilse was seen on the side of the stage and on the ground, where she remained for several seconds until she could be helped by personnel from her team.

Ilse revealed that it caused her great distress that her vitals were stable but she couldn’t feel well, so she even asked her manager to tell her children that she loved them: “I swore I was leaving, I had never felt that in my life, but thank God I did go out.”

Her companions finished the show without her (Photo: Instagram/@flansoficial_)
Her companions finished the show without her (Photo: Instagram/@flansoficial_)

Due to the affectation of the woman born in Caracas, Venezuela, whom the aid elements were able to stabilize, her companions Mimí, Isabel, Fernanda and Mayte had to finish the show alone. For her part, Ilse Olivo felt happy because both her companions from Flans and Pandora continued the show without her: “No one is indispensable,” she mentioned.

Despite the concern, suspicious comments appeared on social networks: “It’s the bad vibes of that Lola (Cortés) who doesn’t leave her alone by a long shot”, “All the members of this concert are already very old. Two weeks ago it was Mayte who got sick, now Ilse. It is better for them to stay home to enjoy their money and take care of their family.” “Heat stroke at night?”, “Luckily, I thought he had been whipped for throwing himself into the public”; That last comment referred to accident suffered by the singer in March of this year.


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Ilse de Flans revealed what went through her mind when she fainted at a concert