If you hate Spotify advertising, this is how you can have all the music for free on your Xiaomi mobile

The streaming music app par excellence is Spotify. The vast majority of users (whether they have Xiaomi or not) use Spotify to play your favorite music at home, on the subway or in the carbut the competition is putting the batteries, and it seems that its dominance has the days numbered.

Despite having a free plan, Spotify comes with advertising which, most of the time, many users end up hating, and that is why they look for another platform, although doing it comes with a price.

Pay, yes, but not just for music

And when we finally decide to end up paying, we must choose whether to stay with Spotify or go ‘with the music elsewhere’. The truth is that there is an app that allows us to have not just music, but a host of added features that we can enjoy on our Xiaomi mobile.

This is the Amazon Prime service, which currently also includes Amazon Music Prime subscription: your own platform with more than two million songs and hundreds of playlistsall without advertising and for a price that does not exceed 50 euros per year, little more than four euros a month.

If we compare it with Spotify, which costs 4.99 euros per month In its cheapest individual version, contracting Amazon Prime means an annual saving of more than 10 eurosbut Amazon has a gigantic advantage about the music streaming leader: Prime Video, Prime Gaming and Prime Reading, plus free Amazon shipping.

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With Prime you can enjoy on your Xiaomi mobile all Prime Video series and moviesall the books and podcasts of prime reading and the Prime Gaming video game catalog (in addition to an annual subscription to a Twitch channel), and also from shipping with Amazon Prime. All this for a cheaper price even than Spotify, which currently only offers music.

Almost we could say that the music is coming to you for freesince there are so many services offered and applications that you can use on your Xiaomi mobile that you will not notice that you are paying for one thing or another.

If you’re tired of Spotify’s advertising and were thinking of switching to a paid plan for the app itself or another music streaming service, Amazon Prime is right now one of the best platforms in value for money.

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If you hate Spotify advertising, this is how you can have all the music for free on your Xiaomi mobile