If you get high and go to a music festival don’t pee in the river: the eels will thank you

The bathrooms of the music festivals they are not a particularly pleasant place. Queuing in long lines, then entering a tiny, filthy, foul-smelling cabin is not just a claustrophobic’s nightmare. Also from anyone with a sense of smell. For this reason, there are those who prefer to evacuate outside, in any country place far enough away from the scenes so that they are not attracted to their attention. The problem is that by runoff the urine can reach nearby rivers. And, if it is loaded with drugs, it ends up seriously affecting the eels that live in its waters.

All of this may sound far-fetched, but let’s be honest: drugs are pretty common at music festivals. In fact, it is not far-fetched, since several studies have already been carried out in this regard.

For instance, in 2020 It was analyzed if all the urine collected in the official toilets of the festivals could be used as fertilizer. The truth is that it contains very useful substances in this regard. But they also found that it usually carries large amounts of substances associated with recreational drugs, so the vegetables fertilized with it would not be suitable for human consumption.

In addition, there have been several studies on the effects on eels. The most recent has just been published in Environmental Research, but there are other previous ones, such as the one published in 2019 in Science of the Total Environment. And they all conclude the same. That urinating outside the official toilets of music festivals can be very dangerous for river ecosystems, with special mention of the eels. Let’s see what the reason is.

This is how drugs in urine affect eels

For this most recent study, published by scientists from la Bangor University and the University of Wales, the reference was taken Glastonbury Festival, held in 2019.

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