“If Metallica’s “Lux Æterna” was by a new band, it wouldn’t even have made the Top 40″ – MariskalRock.com

January 17, 2023 11:22 am
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It may be that in these times in which the discovery of new music is just a few clicks away, the perception of the depth of a new song among the public and critics has changed, but the first impact of receiving a new single from a band settled in the Olympus of rock and metal as metallica offers an extra incentive compared to having a single from a new band, something that the drummer of godsmack, Shannon LarkinReferring to “Eternal Lux” of Metallica by ensuring that “If it was from a new band, it wouldn’t even have made the Top 40.”

Larkin’s participation in the podcast 2020’d The center of conversation was the premiere of the new single from the drummer’s band, “Surrender”which has surpassed “Lux Æterna” on the North American charts, although Shannon does not detract from praise for the black riders: “In the real world, Metallica are the rightful heirs to number one in hard rock. They deserve to be number one. I heard the song… and I was like, ‘Wow.’ It’s so catchy. It sounds like motorheadJames Hetfield) He sang very high on that chorus. I was like: “Wow.” I think it sounds fantastic. I heard it on the radio and was blown away.”

Larkin comes to his claim that if it wasn’t by Metallica the song wouldn’t have been a hit: “If it was a new band with their song ‘Lux Æterna’, like: ‘here they are… Soda Can, any band you want, and this is their new song, ‘Lux Æterna. That shit wouldn’t be number two. It might not have even made the Top 40. Who knows? Although it is a great song, with a lot of hook, as I said. But since it’s Metallica, they can do that on the radio and put out a song that sounds like Motörhead, basically, with double bass drums and all that. That’s ’80s shit. They can do it because they ruled the ’80s.”

The drummer thinks the Godsmack single couldn’t have topped a song like “Unforgiven”for example: “If they’d put out a song other than ‘Lux Æterna’, which is super heavy and sounds like early Metallica, they’d be number one right now. If they’d put out ‘Unforgiven’ or something like that, they probably would have beaten us.” Because, as I said, they are the legitimate kings of number one.”

Godsmack. Photo: Kamal Asar

The comparison between “Lux Æterna” and “Surrender” brings us back to the differences between rock and metal: “The Metallica song is quite… It’s heavy. It’s old-school Metallica. And our song is more like radio rock, it’s a high-energy radio rock song. … I didn’t write any of the songs. two songs, so I can sit back and… even though I’m a member of Godsmack, and but I can look at it objectively, and I think “Surrender,” it’s more rock than metal, and the Metallica song is metal.”

Shannon ends the issue with her joy at having reached number one on the charts with the advance of the album ‘Lighting Up The Sky’which will be published on February 24th via bmgand assures that he does not want to see the band fade away, but to leave it at the top with what may be their last album: “We were happy to get a number one, because we’ve had it on every record since I joined; from the third record onwards, we’ve had a number one. And with it being our last record, we really wanted a number one. Because we want to go at the top. We don’t want to keep making records until we don’t sell anymore.”

Metallica closed last year taking all the spotlights with the premiere of the single “Lux Æterna” and the announcement of the arrival in April of the album ’72 Seasons’ and the tour that will arrive in our country in the summer of 2024with two concerts in the Madrid Metropolitan Stadium for those who also Tickets will be on sale for each of the two appointments.

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“If Metallica’s “Lux Æterna” was by a new band, it wouldn’t even have made the Top 40″ – MariskalRock.com